Nowboat seafaring digital platform

Nowboat, the first all-in-one seafaring adventure platform offers an easy, fast and enjoyable way to book adventures, supporting professional seafaring operators and supplying environmental NGOs with a reliable fundraising platform.

Combining intuitive and clean digital features, the site design for offers a friendly user experience, which includes an Editor’s Pick section where travellers can find tips, guides and suggestions, an Ask A Porter section which puts the customer directly in touch with operators to provide personalised recommendations, as well as a section for NGOs to apply for partnership in the environmental conservation initiative.

Each booking on will enable the customer to support an NGO of their choice among the options on a pre-approved list. The NGOs currently listed include Mission Blue, Plastic Pollution Coalition and others.

Nowboat aims to be the first transparent and virtuous business model in its industry, by supporting and celebrating all parties involved and serving as an example of exceptional business design.

“A lot of people assume that we are similar to Uber or Airbnb in our concept, but this is not completely true”, Nowboat founder Giovanni Alessi Anghini says.

“Nowboat might have a similarly slick interface to Airbnb, but all of the listings are from professional tour operators and charter companies vetted for safety, eco-friendliness and ethical treatment of workers, and for various liability and insurance reasons, this model is basically a necessity.”

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