3 Nordic destinations that will ignite your senses

There’s a reason people choose to travel time and time again. In fact, there’s several. But what we’re alluding to are the all-encompassing experiences that ignite our senses.

Whether it be the spine-tingling sound of ice calving into the ocean, witnessing the mesmerising dance of the elusive Northern Lights or the scent of exotic cuisine made from freshly caught seafood.

It’s moments like these that spark our excitement, adrenaline, curiosity and fear. And eventually, our desire to experience it all again.

The Waterfall Dynjandi in Iceland
The Waterfall Dynjandi in Iceland © Genna Roland

On a Hurtigruten expedition cruise, these experiences are inevitable. The sustainable cruise line is a world leader when it comes to exploring remote corners of the world – especially the polar regions.

Sailing onboard some of the most advanced ships in the industry, such as the hybrid-powered MS Roald Amundsen and MS Fridtjof Nansen, you’ll have the opportunity to get up close with wildlife, culture and incredible scenery, igniting your senses in the most breathtaking ways.

Take these Nordic destinations for example – which currently have savings of up to $1,000 per cabin on select 2022 sailings.


As the land of fire and ice, glaciers and volcanoes, Iceland’s unique offering speaks for itself. However, one of the most unmissable experiences in Iceland is the many incredible waterfalls.

On a Hurtigruten tour you’ll have the chance to visit the spectacular Dynjandi waterfalls in the remote Westfjords of Iceland, or the Goðafoss waterfall in the northern centre.

Husavik, Iceland © Chelsea Claus
Husavik, Iceland © Chelsea Claus

As you near closer, it’s the thundering sound of gushing water that you’ll notice first, before setting your sights on the waterfall itself. Without the sound of cascading water setting the scene, the enormity and power of these incredible falls would almost be lost.

It’s a similar experience when you witness eruption of a geyser, where water gets expelled into the air from a crater in the Earth’s surface – another must-see phenomena in Iceland.


Hurtigruten - Excursion on Foulke Fjord, Greenland © Andrea Klaussner
Excursion on Foulke Fjord, Greenland © Andrea Klaussner

There’s something about being in crisp fresh air that feels invigorating and Greenland offers this in spades.

Take a deep breath and embrace the crispest air you have ever experienced while exploring Greenland’s extremely remote eastern coast, which is almost uninhabited.

Spend your days navigating the largest national park and the largest fjord in the world. Then meet the warm and colourful communities who thrive here and learn about their traditions and modern culture.


Polar bears in Svalbard © Dominic Barrington
Polar bears in Svalbard © Dominic Barrington

The icy archipelago of Svalbard is relatively underexplored. Meaning, you’ll have the rare opportunity to see untouched arctic wilderness and unique wildlife in a setting that is equally rugged as it is fragile.

As you journey through the Arctic’s ever-changing sea ice, in attempt to circumnavigate this remote archipelago,  set your sights on Svalbard’s rich wildlife, from whales, Arctic foxes and, of course, the ruler of Svalbard, the polar bear.

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