Travel quiz: How well do you know New Zealand?

With the start date of the Trans-Tasman travel bubble now set for 11:59pm Sunday 18 April, 2021, it’s time to brush up on your New Zealand knowledge.

It’s not just us who are ready to travel between the two nations. Airlines and accommodation providers are getting ready too. Air New Zealand have announced they will launch a flight between Hobart and Auckland once quarantine-free travel is up and running.

The Rees Hotel Queenstown is ready to welcome Aussies back with a range of offers and packages and travel agents are on standby to help you book your dream trip.

To get you inspired, here’s a quick quiz to see how much you know about our neighbouring country and get you into planning mode.

How well do you know New Zealand?

What is the capital city of New Zealand?
What does the Māori name for New Zealand, Aotearoa, mean?
What city in New Zealand is the first to see the sunrise?
New Zealand has the longest place name in the world, a hill named Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu. Where would you find it?
Which of these is not a ski resort in New Zealand?
What does the Māori word "hangi" mean?
In which city will you find the world's steepest street?
True or false: New Zealand has more sheep than Australia?
What is the name of the lake pictured?
True or false? In 2012 Wellington officially changed its name to The Middle of Middle Earth.
How well do you know New Zealand?
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