DON’T LOOK DOWN: A trippy 1000-foot high mirror observatory is opening in New York

Seeing double? You’ll be seeing a lot more than that when you visit the mesmerising mirror observatory in New York.

The sky-high attraction will open at Manhattan’s One Vanderbilt tower on 21 October. It’s been dubbed the “world’s most immersive observatory experience.”

It features an observation deck with an all-glass enclosed elevator that travels more than 360 metres, transparent glass boxes and a room covered entirely with mirrors.

The New York mirror observatory will have you seeing more than double © Summit One Vanderbilt

The visit starts when you enter the Summit One Vanderbilt which is accessible from inside Grand Central Terminal.

Visitors will then step into ‘Ascent’ – a 42-second ride in a lift. Not just any lift but an all-glass lift. The sound-light-and-mirror experience will take you up 365 metres to the 91st floor of One Vanderbilt.

Then exit the lift to ‘Transcendence 1’. The massive room is filled with windows and mirrors that showcase the best of the New York skyline.

new york mirror observatory
Night time visits are just magical © Summit One Vanderbilt

On the 92nd floor you will find ‘Transcendence 2’ – a balcony looking down on ‘Transcendence 1’ that offers a whole new perspective.

The two dizzying mirror rooms are part of a new art installation “Air” by artist Kenzo Digital. It is “a walk-through art experience and story of both literal and figurative reflection.”

Another interactive element is the ‘Levitation sky boxes’ which has transparent floors 325 metres above Midtown Manhattan.

The Levitation sky boxes are only for the brave © Summit One Vanderbilt

One Vanderbilt is also home the Summit Terrace, an open-air wraparound space on the 93rd floor. It features an indoor and outdoor bar, plus cafe Après.


General admission for the Summit Experience starts at $39 for adults (13 years and older) and $33 for children (six to 12 years old).

Tickets for Ascent elevator ride start at $59 for adults and $53 for children. The Ultimate Summit experience, which includes a Danny Meyer signature cocktail or mocktail, starts at $73 for adults and $67 for children.

Summit One Vanderbilt suggests bringing sunglasses for the reflective spaces and comfortable shoes. The venue also recommends wearing pants or shorts to avoid accidentally reflecting anything you don’t want to be seen.

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