DOUBLE DIP: How you can celebrate New Year’s Eve 2021 twice

New Year’s Twice is the event that is making time travel possible.

Party-goers will get to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2021 once in Auckland and then again in Honolulu thanks to the 23 hours time difference.

“Majority of people didn’t get to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020 at all,” New Years Twice founder Ton Rimbau said. “So we thought why not celebrate twice in 2021.”

Rimbau’s company is taking a gamble on the event happening in 2021, but he says he’s optomistic and there’s always next year.

New Year's Twice Hawaii
Take a week long rest in Hawaii

How does it work?

Attendees will count down to midnight at a New Year’s Eve party in Auckland. Thanks to the NZ travel bubble that’s not possible.

At 8:30am on 1 January 2022, the following morning, they’ll hop on a chartered flight and travel 23 hours back in time. At 6pm local time, they’ll touch down in Honolulu just in time to celebrate the new year all over again.

The party doesn’t end there. Event-goers will spend a week in Hawaii unwinding or partaking in organised activities such as sightseeing, boating, hiking and more parties.

The return flight to Auckland will be on January 7th at 1pm.

Tickets include round trip charter flights, parties on four nights, group activities, and accommodation for seven nights in a four-star hotel in Waikiki.

What inspired the genius idea?

Rimbau, originally from Spain, came up with the idea for New Year’s Twice five years ago when he and his friends were trying to do something interesting to celebrate.

“Spain is an hour in front of Portugal. So I thought why not party in Spain, catch a taxi over the border and do New Year’s again in Portugal.”

Though the experience was a success, Rimbau says it was “too rushed”.

So over the next few years, he attempted to find other timezones that would work better.

New Year's Twice
Auckland City Harbour © Assets Auckland NZ

“Auckland and Honolulu are perfect because they’re both busy metropolitan cities with lots to do. Plus the time difference is almost a full day. There’s time to fly, rest and party,” Rimbau said.

What should I expect?

New Year’s Twice may sound like a non-stop party to some. But Rimbau assures you that the event is open to all kinds of travellers.

“We have so many different kinds of activities that guests can choose to join. So everyone can take the trip at their own pace.”

A Diamond Head hike, snorkelling at Turtle Canyon and waterfall chasing are just a few of your options.

There are even two separate sections on the flight over to keep everyone happy.  Section 1 is “I want to sleep” and Section 2 is “Keep the party going”.

But what about covid?

Okay not to be a mood killer but someone had to mention it. Organisers are hopeful that the event will be full steam ahead and open to mainly Australian and New Zealand travellers.

The recent opening of New Zealand’s borders to Australians makes this trip a real possibility for Aussies.

While there’s no confirmed news on travel to Hawaii there’s talk of Hawaii opening its borders to vaccinated international travellers.

Hawaii has the seventh-highest vaccination rate in the US. Over 560,000 shots have been administered according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID data tracker, The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported.

Celebrate New Year’s once in Auckland and again in Hawaii

This positive news has everyone crossing their fingers and toes for a turnaround by the end of the year.

Despite his ambitious plans, founder Ton Rimbau is realistic.

“If New Year’s Twice has to be cancelled due to Covid, ticket holders can expect a full refund or a discounted ticket for the following year,” he said.

If by 30 September 2021 the festival is still deemed to be a risk the decision to cancel will be made so that travellers can amend their New Year’s plans.


The exclusive event is capped at 600 tickets so you’ll want to snap them up fast.

Tickets go on sale on 27 April 2021. There are early bird and VIP packages available.

Joing the waiting list and check out the full list of available packages.

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