New ways to travel in New World

Abercrombie & Kent recently released its 2019 Latin America portfolio, including luxury private and small group journeys to Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, Ecuador & The Galapagos, Columbia, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina.

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Modern and mesmerising

The portfolio is packed with new ways to travel in the New World, journeys filled with ancient sites and modern sounds, extraordinary landscapes, unique wildlife, mesmerising cultures, histories, myth and travel magic unmatched anywhere else in the world.

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Memories to treasure

Abercrombie & Kent co-founder, chairman & CEO Geoffrey Kent says: “Latin America is a wonderland very close to my heart. There’s so much to explore in the many different lands here. So many beautiful people to meet, stories to hear, dishes to savour, dances to learn.”

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A&K tours revving up

Abercrombie & Kent’s handcrafted private and small group journeys cover the length and breadth of this amazing continent-and-a-half – from the Pacific and Gulf coasts of Mexico and the fractured jazz of Cuba in the north, through to the ancient ruins and pre-Columbian civilisations of Mesoamerica.

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Tour to tango back and forth

The tour also crisscrosses across the Equator’s teeming ecosystems – the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon Rainforest – and from North to South along the great Western spine of the Andes, a mountain range straight out of a film backdrop.

“There are so many sophisticated, intriguing, pulsating cities here,” says Geoffrey Kent, “Havana, Oaxaca, Lima, Rio, Santiago, Montevideo, and of course stylish Buenos Aires, where they share my twin passions for polo and tango.”

Abercrombie & Kent, Latin American tours, ancient ruins and pre-Columbian civilisations of Mesoamerica

From eco lodges to estancias

There are also endless events and experiences, festivals and carnivals, where A&K alone can arrange special access and take you behind the scenes. Designer hotels and eco-lodges, gorgeous estancias, luxury trains, small ships and mega yachts, glamorous high desert camps.

Yet for all the opulence and luxury, for all the wonderful people and culture, Kent says when he thinks of South America, his imagination is inevitably drawn to the very south of the continent, to the dramatic wilds of Patagonia, and the Torres Del Paine National Park.

Tour peaks in Patagonia

Kent says the Patagonian national park features one of the world’s most pristine landscapes, with its soaring horn-shaped peaks, its deep blue icebergs that cleave from glaciers, its vivid lakes and soaring condors.

“This is heart-stopping scenery, and life-affirming travel. True luxury. It’s one of my very favourite destinations anywhere in the world, and no-one can take you there like A&K.”

To request a copy of the new Abercrombie & Kent Latin America 2019 brochure, or to explore A&K’s private and small group journeys in the region, visit 

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