New spin on gin: Seven fresh Australian drops you have to try

Nothing beats a fresh gin and tonic. Make any hour happy with these unique new spirits.

Looking for a new libation to add to your home bar? Whether it’s the world’s first pearl oyster gin, sustainable grape-based spirits or authentic non-alcoholic options, Australian producers are constantly changing the game. Feeling thirsty? These are the best new spirits to enjoy shaken or stirred.

The Pearlers Gin
The Pearler’s Gin uses pearl oyster as a botanical

The Pearler’s Gin

Moontide Distillery x Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm

Save your most treasured tonic for this unique bottling born out of Broome, Australia’s capital of pearling. The Pearler’s Gin is a game-changing collaboration between Moontide Distillery and Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm. It’s also the first gin in the world to use pearl oyster as a botanical. 

With a distinct coastal flavour, this spirit is infused with Burdekin plum, lemon myrtle, mint and oyster mantle (a by-product of the cultured pearling process). Expect a special minerality and umami flavour that’s as rare as the pearls it’s produced from. 

Serve: with Dr. Strangelove coastal tonic and fresh seafood.

Tempus Two Prosecco Gin
Wine-lovers will go wild for Tempus Two’s Prosecco Gin

Prosecco Gin

Tempus Two

Wine fanatics rejoice! This prosecco gin is one to celebrate. The first of its kind worldwide, Tempus Two’s wine-based spirit is gentle on the palate, fusing typical prosecco flavours of apple, melon, pear, citrus with the botanical notes of gin.

This elegant drop is created using state-of-art spinning cone column technology to gently extract the alcohol from the wine. The delicate characteristics of the prosecco are preserved and harnessed before being infused with juniper, coriander, orange peel and rose buds. Cheers to that.

Serve: with lime, soda water, mint and Tempus Two Prosecco for a refreshing gin spritz.

Never Never Distiling Co. Beeswax and Olive gin
Beeswax & Olive Gin: A match made in mixology heaven

Beeswax & Olive Gin

Maybe Sammy x Never Never Distilling Co.

A match made in mixology heaven. Australia’s most highly-awarded gin producers, Never Never Distilling Co., have announced a special collaboration with Australia’s most highly-awarded cocktail venue of 2022, Maybe Sammy.

Blending the raw honey and beeswax of pure Ligurian bees with olive brine sourced from Lloyd Brothers Olives from McLaren Vale. The Ligurian bees are the purest strain on the planet, thanks to Kangaroo Island’s status as the world’s oldest bee sanctuary. 

As for taste, honeysuckle and orange blossom leap out of the glass, with pine needles and orange zest also on the palate. Expect notes of salted honey and olive oil, punctuated by bright accents of brine, sweet basil and fresh orange. Sample this bold drop at the Maybe Sammy’s vibrant Sydney bar, or visit Never Never’s website.

Serve: in The Bees Knees cocktail made with fresh lemon juice and honey syrup.

Gingin gin
Award-winning gin made in the town of Gingin

Gingin Gin

This award-winning gin is made by Jim in the town of Gingin. Try saying that five times fast. 

Two-time Australian Champion Distiller, James Young has taken gin back to its spiritual roots. A town so aptly named, Gingin is brimming with fresh local botanicals. In 2021, Gingin Gin took home gold medals at the World Gin Awards and the Australian Distilled Spirit Awards.

Offering the best of three worlds with a blend of classic, local and exotic flavours. From classic juniper, coriander and angelica fused with local lemon, orange and olive leaf. Added to the mix are the ‘exotic’ flavours of liquorice, green tea and almond.

Head to Old Young’s tasting room in WA’s Swan Valley to sample this drop. Their adjoining restaurant serves up gin cocktails along side quirky Australian dishes like kangaroo tartare and crocodile chorizo.

Serve: with Strangelove Tonic No.8 and lemon wedge.

The range of Feels Botanical gin
Feels Botanical’s holistic grape-based spirits

Feels Botanical

Quench your thirst with Feels Botanical’s holistic grape-based spirits. These natural and sustainably sourced botanical Eau De Vie spirits were born out of a progressive approach to ancient apothecary.

Founders Blake Vanderfield-Kramer and Steve Pillemer created the range to offer a more natural and mindful beverage offering.

Feels Botanical makes use of Australian grapes, which are fermented then distilled into a high proof Eau de Vie grape spirit. The spirit is then hand blended with native botanicals before being macerated and distilled. 

The Eau de Vie collection includes ‘Vivify’, with turmeric, coconut and ginger; ‘Rouse’ with Davidson plum and horny goat weed; ‘Bask’, fusing hemp, quandong and Kakadu plum; and ‘Revel’, a blend of coffee, ginseng and Illawarra plum.

Serve: Vivify is best enjoyed over ice with ginger beer and a lime wedge.

A gin paddle with its selection of garnishes per gin style

Indian Ocean Gin


This limited batch gin is sure to add some colour to your collection. Indian Ocean Gin was distilled especially for Perth Festival using botanicals native to Western Australia. 

A delectable blend of juniper, samphire, summer berries and sweet orange with salt bush and Geraldton wax. But what truly makes it extra special is the addition of butterfly pea flowers that mimic the deep blue of the Indian Ocean. And changes colour when mixed with citrus juice or tonic water into a purple hue. 

Giniversity’s picturesque cellar door is the perfect spot for afternoon drinks, including their gin paddle with its selection of garnishes per gin style.

Serve: Indian Ocean Gin with fresh mint and Mediterranean tonic over plenty of ice.

Drumerboy non-alcoholic spirits
Drummerboy’s range of zero-alcohol authentic tasting tipples


Looking for a way to indulge in your gin cravings without the consequences? 

When sobriety strikes, Drummerboy’s range of zero-alcohol replacements will keep the fun alive. This collection of authentic tasting tipples features London Dry, American Dark, Mexican Agave, Italian Rosso and Italian Aperitivo meaning you can enjoy your favourite beverages guilt-free.

Made in Sydney from Australian ingredients, Drummerboy uses a blend of essences, extracts, and distillates to produce full flavoured, non-alcoholic spirits from scratch.

Our favourite? London Dry boasts notes of juniper, citrus and pepperberry for a delicious dry finish. Peppermint is added to mimic a warming alcoholic finish.

Serve: in a ‘Na-groni’ cocktail alongside Drummerboy Italian Rosso and Aperitivo. Garnish with orange peel.

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