A fresh New Orleans-inspired menu at NOLA Smokehouse & Bar

Executive Chef Troy Spencer is here to take us on a journey to New Orleans by way of Barangaroo with his new menu for NOLA Smokehouse & Bar. Having joined the NOLA kitchen in November 2018, Troy has spent the last few months taking notes on the dining habits of folks who visited the restaurant. His research has culminated in the fresh new menu – officially launched 1 February 2019 – completely inspired by classic Louisiana cuisine, but with a Sydney twist.

As the ‘smokehouse’ part of NOLA Smokehouse & Bar suggests, smoked meats are the core of the new menu. Dishes include melt in your mouth Rangers Valley Black Onyx Brisket, House Made Andouille Sausage and Slow Roast Pork Shoulder.

NOLA Smokehouse

“We use cherry, pecan and apple wood chips and start the smoking process on some of our meats up to a day in advance. Most of our smoked meats experience several processes including brine injection, dry and wet rubs, multiple cold and hot smoking techniques as well as resting before they hit our diner’s plate. This method, combined with some of the best quality meat we can source in Australia, produces a really great product that stands up as some of the best smoked meat in Sydney” says Troy.

You’ll of course find dishes that are synonymous with Louisiana cuisine, like gumbo and jambalaya, taking pride of place in the mains section too. Though Mac ‘N’ Cheese may first appear slightly out of place on a high-end restaurant’s menu, Troy’s gourmet twist ensures it holds its own against the likes of other sides including an Ancient Grain Salad and Fire Roasted Carrots.

If you still have space for dessert (which you’ll ensure you will), be treated to Troy’s take on the camping classic S’Mores. Think a toasted vanilla marshmallow and 64% dark chocolate sandwiched between crisp graham crackers. Don’t get precious about cutlery at this point; these S’Mores are designed to be hands on.

NOLA Smokehouse

As well as a new menu, NOLA Smokehouse & Bar also boasts a vast collection of American whiskeys, with over 600 stocked at the bar. The wine and cocktails lists, though not as extensive, are just as impressive.

NOLA Smokehouse
NOLA Smokehouse

Found on the first floor of Barangaroo Tower 1, the restaurant and bar offers stunning views out over Sydney Harbour. Get there before sunset and enjoy the changing lights bouncing off the restaurant’s interiors. Though NOLA is resolutely high-end, an abundance of indoor plants, cane chairs and bright colours give the space a casual and approachable feel. It makes for a great drinking and dining choice in one of Sydney’s newest inner-city precincts.