Mulia Spa, The Mulia, Bali

When it’s hot outside, the thought of sequestering yourself in a steam room definitely doesn’t appeal. And in Bali, being outside can be enough of a steam.

That’s when the ingenuity of the Mulia Spa’s ice room comes in. Heralded as home to the Asia Pacific’s only Ice Fountain Room, Mulia Spa is covering all of its bases to ensure customers come out refreshed and re-energised.

Set in a 30-hectare estate that’s home to three properties, it’s no surprise the Mulia Spa is large. There are 20 treatment rooms to choose from, sauna, steam room, hot and cold pools, bar – for juice not cocktails, hydrotherapy and personal training. The list goes on.

In the Ice Fountain Room, aside from sitting next to a nice pile of ice, soak up the chromotherapy chakra of cleansing colours that light up the space, designed to rebalance energy. The Wellness Suite by Sweet Spa is another popular spot for a few hours away from the hustle and bustle. Designed to be a private space for relaxation, suites have their own hammam tables and sauna.

And of course, in Bali there are plenty of opportunities for yoga, so the outdoor meditation area is a popular spot for private yoga lessons.

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