Legs to lingerie: 9 of the strangest things found in motorhome rentals

Even after the most diligent “final walk-throughs” and “triple-checks”, every road-tripper is likely to leave something behind in their motorhome rental..

As the summer school holidays come to a close, Motorhome Republic has shared nine of the strangest things holiday-makers have left as a souvenir for the next guest.

From the suspicious to the saucy, and the funny to the frozen, if one thing is guaranteed it’s that this list of items will leave you asking who, what, when, where and ….why?

Item 1: Deer antlers

The Discovery: It’s not a commonly known fact, but deer shed their antlers once a year, which explains why a pair of deer antlers were found left in one returned motorhome in America.

Regardless, we are still unsure how exactly they got there or why the travellers would leave them behind.

Image credit: Manuel Velazquez

Item 2: 30 stolen credit cards

The Discovery: Police who recovered a stolen motorhome in the United States found 30 credit cards left in the van.

They later discovered the huge assortment of stolen cards was also used to pay for the motorhome rental in the first place.

Oprah meme, captioned "You get a credit card! And you get a credit card! And you get a credit card! Everyone gets a credit card!
Image credit: Qoins 

Item 3: A wedding dress

The Discovery: For many, their wedding dress is a sentimental piece of clothing and reminder of the happiest day of their life.

But not this traveller. They said yes, then left the dress behind.

Item 4: A prosthetic leg

The Discovery: This one we still can’t wrap our heads around.

It just seems like something you would not easily forget.

Item 5: Sentimental underwear

The Discovery: A customer left underwear in their motorhome, and made the effort to contact the hire company and request that it be returned by mail.

Shipping alone would have cost more than a 10-pack of new ones. Which made us wonder what was so special about them?


Item 6: Cash

The Discovery: A European tour guide called Motorhome Republic a few days after returning his RV to confess that he had stashed away some money in his motorhome. But couldn’t remember where.

It was a significant amount, at least a couple of hundred Euros. A sum like that could buy you a meal at the top of the Eiffel tower or all the pizza and gelato you can dream of! There’s no way we’d be forgetting that hiding spot.

The cash was never found.


Item 7: A hot pot barbecue set

The Discovery: After cooking themselves up a feast, a group of holiday-makers (or budding Masterchefs) somehow managed to leave behind their hot pot barbecue set.

The culinary possibilities aside, how could anyone forget such a huge item?


Item 8: Frozen breast milk

The Discovery: Discovered in the motorhome freezer, it’s safe to say this was one of the stranger things an unsuspecting staff member found when cleaning out the vehicle.

Item 9: Duct tape and lipstick

The Discovery: When you walk in to find duct tape and lipstick all over a motorhome, we’re not sure we really want to know what was going on.

Whether it was some hanky panky, some kind of Burning Man Event or just artistic expression… sometimes it’s better not to ask questions.


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