These are the most photographed places in the world

These days, social media is one of our primary sources of travel inspiration, particularly Instagram which has thousands of accounts dedicated to photography and travel from all around the world. 

Ironically, once we do go on vacation, many of us then strive to capture the perfect “Instagram shot” of our own, whether it be a beautiful sunset, glorious beaches, iconic landmarks, scenic landscapes or luxurious objects and restaurants we discover along the way. But, have you ever wondered which places around the world get photographed the most?

Inkifi, a company specialising in print photography, used data on Instagram to find the answer and have collated these findings into their 2020 Instagram Travel guide. Which, during a time when we’re all dreaming about the day we can travel again, is a pretty great source of inspiration. 

The guide showcases the most photographed places around the globe, separated into the following categories: beaches, landmarks, theatres, skylines, hotels, national parks, and Michelin restaurants. The final rankings were based on the number of posts that have the location’s most relevant hashtag. Here’s what came out on top for each category:

Most photographed beach: Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Instagram Miami beach
Image: Instagram/@miami

Most photographed landmark: Central Park, New York City, USA

Image: Instagram/@dirtypawsadventure

Most photographed theatre: Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

Image: Instagram/@matt.lambley

Most photographed skyline: New York City, USA

Instagram New York City photography
Image: Instagram/@ joeyvisualsnyc

Most photographed hotel: Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Image: Instagram/@dubai_2.0

Most photographed national park: Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA

Image: Instagram/@kbriera

Most photographed Michelin restaurant: Sketch, London, UK

Insta sketch London
Image: Instagram/@sketchlondon

See the complete lists and the 2020 Instagram Travel guide here.

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