Middle Eastern Magic at Tayim

Sydney historical old town, The Rocks, welcomes a newcomer to the restaurant scene, Tayim. Tayim champions a fusion of modern and traditional Middle Eastern cuisine.

The menu is designed by Head Chef Ran Kimelfeld and showcases the flavourful dishes of the region. The middle-eastern inspired dishes are cooked using traditional methods on an open grill with bold and exotic flavours springing to the forefront. Signature dishes include grilled sardine Shakshuka, summer mushroom Borekas and fire-roasted eggplant (below). Locally sourced produce is combined with fruits, herbs and spiced sourced from the transcontinental region.
(©Guy Davies)
The wine and cocktail offerings have been developed by GM Reuvin Lim and his team. Lim has been part of the opening team at numerous boutique restaurants across Sydney and brings his skill and experience to Tayim. The wines have been curated to work alongside the spice and earthiness of Chef Ran’s menu. Wines from Australia, Turkey, France, Italy and more grace the menu.
Esteban La Tessa)
Adjacent to the restaurant is Tayim Deli which serves breakfast and lunch Middle Eastern inspired street food to the passing throngs of office workers, locals and tourists. Guests can buy sandwiches, wraps, chicken shish, lamb kofta and fresh salads.
(©Guy Davies)
The interior of Tayim features the rich sandstone that makes The Rocks so unique. Designed by Welsh + Major the sandstone is accommpanied by lightened marble, wood and bespoke wall coverings to complement the neutral tones. Tayim finds inspiration in a new approach to old standards. They are open for early breakfast to late dinner.
Guy Davies)