Matsuhisa, The Belvedere, Mykonos

The Belvedere is located in the heart of Mykonos town and is one of the oldest five-star hotels on the island.

Upon entering the lobby, elegance and style envelops you immediately and continues through to the bougainvillea filled courtyard that surrounds the hotel’s pool. Adjoining the pool area is a selection of plush bars and exclusive restaurants, including Matsuhisa Mykonos. A team of world-renowned and award-winning chefs, including Nobu Matsuhisa, Nikos Zervos and mixologist Dale de Groff, ensure a dining experience here that will leave you with a lasting memory.

Our flamboyant and knowledgeable waiter suggested we order some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes to try and experience the true essence of chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s menu. These delicious delights included: Nobu style sashimi tacos, seared salmon karash su miso, baby spinach salad with lobster, dry miso and truffle, new style sashimi white fish, rock shrimp choice of ponzu, black cod yuzu miso, Wagyu beef fillet with three sauces, and last but not least were the sumptuous spicy tuna hand rolls.

Dessert was a chocolate bento box served with green tea ice cream, passion fruit crème brulee and a wicked Santorini whiskey cappuccino.

The award-winning Matsuhisa Cellar also offers approximately 5,000 bottles of wine from classic French, Italian and Greek vineyards, with a further emphasis on wines from around the world.

A warm balmy evening, mouthwatering dinner, delicious cocktails and smooth tunes guaranteed an unforgettable time.

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