Masseria by Nicholas Stefanelli, Washington D.C.

Masseria has become one of the in places for in-the-know diners in Washington; even more so after scoring a Michelin star in October 2016.

Located in the up-and-coming Union Market area, Masseria features an open-air courtyard area and an industrial-feel interior with several different clusters of seating.

We dine inside and once seated, watch the chefs at work. Nick hails from the Puglia area of Italy, and this menu is based on those big Italian flavours that he grew up enjoying.

We choose the ‘La Cucina’ menu, a six-course tasting menu to really savour the flavours that Masseria is becoming known for, and that attracts such esteemed clientele as the Obamas.

The lovely Bombolini is followed by burrata cheese with caviar, giant white asparagus with glazed egg and crispy pork skin, salted storm bass, canoli truffles and dry-aged beef ribeye with cheese fonduta, crushed potatoes and wild spring onions. We watch the various dishes appearing on tables nearby and they can’t resist a peak at what we are having – such is the beauty and creativity of each dish. While approaching food coma status, we can’t say no to a dessert of Torta al Cioccolato baked chocolate mousse.

Does it deserve its star? Michelin should give it two, I say. The Obamas obviously have great taste.

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