This is the Margarita for all seasons

Not just for summer, the new Margarita Cello from Manly Spirits Co. proves your favourite tequila-based cocktail is a treat all year round. 

Your taste buds are in for a treat with Margarita Cello, the delicious new product from Manly Spirits Co. that makes being a home mixologist a breeze to create cocktails that are bartender quality. 

Not content with already making an epic range of premium, handcrafted Australian Gin, Whisky, Botanical Vodka and Liqueurs from their distillery in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Manly Spirits Co is extending its impressive range with the launch of Margarita Cello. It’s a perfectly balanced citrus liqueur with fresh lime juice for the perfect ‘Margie’ cocktail – just add tequila and pour.

Inspired by Sydney sophistication

Inspired by their stunning surroundings on the Sydney coastline, Manly Spirits Co. products are created using artisanal methods, intricate distilling processes, and the best native and traditional botanicals to make products that rival the best brands in the world. 

Constantly experimenting with new flavours, Margarita Cello is the latest addition to the Manly Spirits Co. family. With an intense lime citrus base from fresh lime zest and juice, with added floral notes of Australian rainforest lime, lemon aspen and myrtle with a hint of sweetness in the body and subtle sherbet zesty finish, it packs a taste punch. It is possibly the best Margarita mix on the market and does taste like fresh limes and is not overly sweet like many of the other mixes you’ll find on shelves, to make the perfect Margarita.

Simply pour, shake and strain for a delicious cocktail ready to drink. Or mix with added ingredients to create one of these delicious new recipes.

Honey Bush Tommy’s

45ml Tequila
45 ml Margarita Cello
1 1/2 teaspoon bush honey
Method: Shake all the ingredients, pour into a rocks glass of ice and garnish with lime zest.

The perfect ‘Margie’ cocktail – Honey Bush Tommy’s

Margarita Cello Paloma

30ml Tequila
30ml Margarita Cello
10ml sugar syrup
Grapefruit soda
Method: Add the tequila, Margarita Cello, and sugar syrup, then shake. Pour into a highball glass, fill with ice and top with grapefruit soda. Garnish with a wedge of pink grapefruit.

Margarita Cello Paloma

Spicy Margarita

45ml Tequila
45ml Margarita Cello
1 slice bird eye chilli
1 slice green jalapeño chilli
Method: Pour all the ingredients into a shaker, add the chilli and the jalapeño, and muddle. Then shake all the ingredients and strain. Dress the Margarita glass with a saltbush rim.

If you love a little liquor by the beach, Manly Spirits Co. Distillery Bar is open Thursday to Sunday, serving craft cocktails and bar snacks while surrounded by copper, whisky barrels, and steampunk stills. 

Spicy Margarita

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