Mandarin Oriental to launch 'Digital Detox'


While technology has brought us many great advances, its increasing presence in our life can also have a negative impact on our wellbeing, and Mandarin Oriental has teamed up with the world-renowned Mayo Clinic to launch Digital Detox.

Starting in all Mandarin Oriental spas throughout the world on 5 September 2016, the program will focus helping guests find new ways to manage their relationship with technology and the stress that can come with a constantly connected digital lifestyle.

As part of the initiative, guests will be able to access a range of wellness advice and activities designed to help them disconnect from technology, when they book any treatment at a Mandarin Oriental spa.

In collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, the Digital Detox program offers a range of tips and guidelines for establishing personal boundaries on the use of technology, clearing mental chatter, and creating a healthy, digitally-balanced lifestyle, starting with surrendering their mobile phone on arrival at the spa.

In the spa relaxation rooms, guests can access a full range of mindfulness activities such as journaling, note card writing, colouring, and meditation, while those wanting a deeper experience can book the one hour and 20-minute Digital Detox Retreat which includes an aromatic bath, followed by a massage that concentrates on the head, eyes, neck, shoulders, hands and feet, to provide a calming and peaceful respite from the outside world.

On departure, armed with tips on how to live a digitally-balanced life, guests can reclaim their cleaned device from the spa, repackaged in its own protective digital shielding, and browse the specially curated retail selection which offers a range of items to further assist mindfulness and digital disconnection such as eye masks, crystals, teas, oils and meditation pillows.

Furthermore, on 14 December 2016, each Mandarin Oriental spa will hold its annual ‘Silent Night’, a special silent retreat to remind guests about the importance of taking personal time for reflection, introspection and silence, especially in the lead up to the busy Christmas period.

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