The Slow Issue

Volume 119 – 2023

In This Issue

Going through a pandemic was always going to leave us changed, but it’s only now travel is back in full swing that it’s becoming clear just how changed we are – and how differently we’re seeing the world. We’re still in love with travel, absolutely, but we’re choosier now and travelling more intentionally.

We’re slowing down and looking to immerse ourselves in local culture, in meaningful experiences, and embarking on travels that tread lightly on the planet. It feels good to travel in this way, and it does good too.

In this jam-packed issue of Vacations & Travel, we inspire you with some of the world’s most incredible slow-travel adventures.

From rafting in Canada and cycling in Tasmania to riding the railways of Switzerland and cruising the rivers of Europe, our storytellers will entice you to take your own immersive journeys at a pace that allows you to take it all in.

We explore Japan, Bhutan, the Kimberley and Palm Springs, encounter gorillas in Rwanda, and track down the most romantic places to tie the knot. We even visit the Canadian town where the successful show Schitt’s Creek was filmed – because some of the best moments in travel are a little frivolous and that’s ok.

I hope the stories and ideas in this issue embolden you to plan a lifetime of slow-travel
adventures by land, river and sea. Happy travels!