A world of wonder

Volume 117 – 2022

In This Issue

The moment I landed overseas – for the first time in two years – I fell into the snow. I put a bit of it on my tongue. I rolled around in it. I rubbed it over my face. I shook it off the pine trees so it drifted into my hair like a glitter bomb. Switzerland turns on the charms whenever you visit. But it’s particularly beguiling in winter. And when you haven’t been anywhere bar your backyard for 24 months. And when nature is involved.

Being in the great outdoors has this ability to make you feel, well, good. Breathing in clean air, listening to wildlife, smelling flowers, seeing the world through unpolluted light – it’s the ultimate way to de-stress, relax and boost your mood. Increasing scientific evidence backs this up: studies indicate time spent in nature can slow our heart rate and decrease blood pressure. Moreover, organic compounds released by plants (known as phytoncides) have been shown to positively impact our immune system, protecting us from illness and disease.

This issue of Vacations & Travel is dedicated to boosting all the happy hormones, whether you’re on land, in the air, or on water. Our talented writers take in destinations like Ladakh, high in the Indian Himalayas; cruising remote Bissagos islands, off the coast of West Africa; and in a helicopter soaring over Tasmania’s wild terrain. Wherever you roam, make sure it sparks joy. You’ll find inspiration in these pages.

Happy reading.

Natasha Dragun, Editor