Water Holidays

Summer 2019/2020

In This Issue

Our photo essay by Mark Fitz about the crystal clear waters of French Polynesia

The Greek island charms of Mykonos in the Cyclades islands with Katrina Holden

Off the well-worn path in New Caledonia with Carla Grossetti

Cruising through the Arctic with Barry Stone

A family-friendly stay on Phuket with Lindy Alexander

A marine safari adventure off the western cape of South Africa with Lynn Gail

Luxury and sustainability at an eco-resort in Indonesia with Carolyn Beasley

Wellness on the water where you can be pampered on top of the waves with Natasha Dragun

Hawaii’s culinary scene comes of age with Katrina Holden

The Last Word with Brett Tollman, CEO of The Travel Corporation and founder, The TreadRight Foundation 

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