SLICE OF HEAVEN: Lucio Pizzeria is the Italian you’re daydreaming about

If you’re after authentic Italian food in Sydney, look no further than Lucio Pizzeria.

Lucio offers a delectable menu of pizza, pasta, antipasto and dessert. It’s best enjoyed while sipping on Italian beer or a bubbling Bellini.

The Darlinghurst staple turns 13 in 2021. And they’re inviting Italian-lovers to join them for a meal on the house in celebration.

Lucio's Pizzeria
Lucio, owner of Lucio Pizzeria

Chef and owner, Lucio, prides himself on making everything from scratch.

In the corner of a Euro-style courtyard, you’ll feel right at Rome as soon as you take a seat.

What’s on the menu?

The unmistakable scent of freshly-made dough and in-house tomato paste will greet you when you arrive at Lucio Pizzeria in Darlinghurst.

Everything on the menu is made in house. If you love authentic Italian, expect it fast and fresh.

Lucio's Pizzeria
The Zucchini Flowers are the perfect place to start

The Zucchini Flowers are a must. A crunchy exterior hides a ricotta-filled zucchini flower treat. Wash it down with a glass of Bellini.

If you can’t choose between pizza and pasta, why not have both?

The list of pizza is extensive, but don’t look past the Lucio. Named after the owner, this masterpiece is half margarita pizza, half ricotta-filled calzone.

With a thick, charred crust and an oozing, cheesy centre, this pizza embodies Lucio Pizzeria.

Next, the Casarecce con ragu’ d’Agnello will blow you away. Don’t let the name scare you. Think lamb shoulder ragu over homemade casarecce pasta.

Casarecce is definitely the way to go. Unlike spaghetti, its curls act as a vessel for the sauce. Which is the whole point of pasta, right?

If you feel like you can’t fit anymore in, you can. Trust us. The dessert menu is jam-packed with Italian delicacies.

Lucio Pizzeria do a mean affogato. Two scoops of vanilla ice-cream covered in espresso and Frangelico? Who could say no?

Lucio's Pizzeria
The panna-cotta with strawberry couli

The pannacotta is divine. The creamy vanilla-bean mound is accompanied by strawberry coulis and dusted with sugar. You’ll be scraping the plate clean. We dare you to lick the plate.

To finish off, why not sip on a hot tea or coffee? Enjoy your brew and reminisce on the meal that once was. Or plan your next visit.

Where to find Lucio Pizzeria

Lucio Pizzeria has two locations.

In Zetland, Lucio Pizzeria is on Defries Avenue. The Darlinghurst restaurant is on Palmer Street.

In the corner of a Euro-chic courtyard, look out over Chinese elms and a stunning abstract statue.

The ambience of the courtyard will make you feel like you’re in Italy.

The warm light, chattering of guests and clinking of glasses add to the cordial atmosphere.

Lucio's Pizzeria
Views across the Euro-style courtyard

Lucio Pizzeria may be small, but it definitely packs a punch.

In fact, the compact environment makes the experience intimate and memorable.

Furthermore, Lucio and his staff will make sure you have everything you need throughout the meal. These friendly check-ins remind guests that your hospitality is their number one priority.

We recommend sitting outside to enjoy the view. Don’t worry, outdoor heaters will keep you warm at night.

If you prefer to sit inside, enjoy views of the traditional brick pizza oven.

Lucio's Pizzeria
Lucio Pizzeria in Darlinghurst

Why not turn your visit to Lucio into a Sydney staycation? The Park Regis City Centre is only a five-minute drive away.

Lucio Pizzeria is open for dinner every day of the week except Tuesday.
Mon, Wed & Thurs: 6pm – 9:30pm.
Fri, Sat & Sun: 5pm – 9:30pm.

To book, visit the Lucio Pizzeria website. Delivery options available.

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