Live Wire Park, Victoria

Live Wire Park

Australia’s first, and only outdoor adventure park, Live Wire Park, is completely powered by nature, offering the ultimate outdoor adventure experience for all ages.

Nestled among the towering Otway treetops in the heart of Victoria’s Great Ocean Road region, the family owned business is run by locals who are passionate about the environment and sharing the natural wonders of Great Otway National Park.

Guests can glide, zip and climb through the tree tops on each of the park’s circuits, including Australia’s most extreme zip line, the 525-metre-long Shockwave Zip Coaster, or simply enjoy the views of the native Blue Gums on the leisurely 120-metre-long Canopy Circuit suspended pathway.

Great Otway National Park, Live Wire Park

The high intensity Super Circuit guides thrill seekers through 53 challenging physical and mental activities whilst suspended high in the air. Testing endurance while swinging on ropes, scaling trees and taking the plunge in a supercharged 10-metre QuickJump bungee, whilst putting the brain to the test with problem solving puzzles.

For kids, the Short Circuit is safe, secure and fun, with the electrifying obstacle course that features 26 thrilling activities.

As the country’s first off-the-grid sustainable business, Live Wire Park uses solar power whilst all water on site is collected, used, and treated to reduce waste and optimise the use of natural resources.

Live Wire Park is the ultimate escape from the city that promises a day of adrenaline-fuelled fun and fresh coastal air.


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