Lisa’s Indian taco


An Indian taco is a specialty dish found throughout the American Midwest and West that sees traditional frybread used in place of corn or flour tortillas when constructing a taco. Often served at festivals and special events, the Indian taco is one of the heartiest dishes Americans have ever cooked up. A particularly spectacular version of the dish is served at Lisa’s Restaurant in Greybull, Wyoming, an Old West town known for its cowboy spirit and cuisine. Lisa’s Indian taco is built on a base of light, fluffy fry bread, then topped with spicy chicken, pico, pinto beans, lettuce, and sour cream. The dish is somehow lighter than the sum of its parts, yet every bit as delicious as it sounds. Or you can go all the way and order the dessert taco, which includes rich whipped cream, fresh strawberries, raspberry sauce, and powdered sugar.

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