Learn to make your own ramen with chef Adam Liaw

MasterChef Australia season two winner Adam Liew, who specializes in Asian cuisine, has made quite a name for himself in the culinary industry since his time on the show. He is the author of five cookbooks and has created his own award-winning television series called Destination Flavour.

Adam has also created his own ‘Ramen School’ Youtube series to help at-home cooks master the perfect ramen.

The eight-part series runs through the basics of making ramen broth, ramen eggs and the different types of toppings before guiding you through the process of making different styles of ramen. It even includes a Yuzu Shio ramen inspired by Afuri, one of Tokyo’s most famous ramen restaurants.

MasterChef winner Adam Liaw hosts Youtube series: Ramen School.

This culinary journey is the perfect isolation activity that will warm up your winter days and improve your cooking knowledge. To partake in Adams Raman School you can watch all his video tutorials here. Or, if you prefer to follow a recipe, you’ll find all the ramen school recipes here, plus some extras that are just as enticing.

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