‘2021 is the year of possibilities’: The latest news on the trans-Tasman bubble

Jacinda Arden is not quite ready to open up the trans-Tasman bubble.

The NZ government will announce the trans-Tasman bubble commencement date on 6 April 2021.

Jacinda Ardern made the highly-anticipated announcement in a press conference following an NZ Cabinet meeting.

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“Quarantine-free travel with Australia is a priority for tourism and business as is reuniting friends and family,” Ardern said.

“We know what it would mean to people, but we also know that New Zealanders are nervous.”

However, Ardern says that Australia still needs to meet with requirements to ensure certainty for New Zealanders.

What conditions need to be met for the trans-Tasman bubble?

She said that the commencement date would be contingent on Australia meeting several criteria.

These include:

  • Creating processes for an outbreak on each side
  • Finalising contact tracing processes
  • Ironing out technical issues
  • An up-to-date assessment of the health risk from Health Director-General Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

Australians and New Zealanders remain hopeful.

“We feel confident we can announce a date on the sixth,” Arden said.

“We expect the commencement date to be soon”.

trans-Tasman travel bubble
Image by Martin Bisof on Unsplash

The opening of the travel bubble is not contigent on the vaccination rollout.

Ardern said while it’s an “added bonus,” work on the trans-Tasman bubble started well before the vaccine rollout begun.

New Zealand will only open to Australian states that are safe.

“If there is an out break at any given time, we will close our borders,” said Ardern.

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