LATAM, Santiago to Melbourne

ROUTE: Santiago – Melbourne
AIRCRAFT: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
CLASS: Business Class Seat: 3L
DURATION: 15 hours 10 minutes


After an action-packed South American adventure with a couple of connecting flights to get to Santiago, it’s time to make the long-haul back to Australia.

Thankfully, it is now direct thanks to the new non-stop Santiago–Melbourne route just introduced by LATAM. As this was the return leg of my trip, I knew what to expect and LATAM’s crew didn’t disappoint.

There were no concerns about the long flight ahead flying on the latest and greatest 787-9 Dreamliner. Once I take my seat, which offered more than ample privacy, storage, space and comfort, LATAM’s crew address me by name and make a note about my dining and beverage preferences to ensure the best bespoke flight experience.


A stand-out is the wine list, which features mostly South American wines that are expertly matched to meal choices, or available anytime a quaffing may be called for.

Although smaller than the A380, The Dreamliner is my favourite plane. It is whisper-quiet and offers the latest in passenger comforts such as cabin humidity management and fully reclining massage chairs and dimming windows.

Pro-tip: try to get a window seat on this route. I was treated to an epic view of Antarctica with the clear blue skies lighting up the ice sheets below. There’s a view from both sides, but the left side of the plane offers the best position.

After a South American-inspired meal with beautiful wines, the crew sets up the seat as a fully reclined bed with mattress and premium bedding to ensure a wonderful sleep, which all but eliminated any required recovery time and jetlag.

The verdict: One of my best Business Class experiences with unbeatable dining and service. Wonderful crew.

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