Kyoto's Luxury Ryokan

Kyoto’s Luxury Ryokan

August, 2015

Since medieval times, Arashiyama has been known as a travel destination for nobility. In this extraordinary place, nestled in the Arashi Gorge near Kyoto, HOSHINOYA Kyoto could well be the most beautiful hideaway in Kyoto, if not Japan. This stunning ryokan-style resort in the Rankyo Gorge is accessed by private boat up the Ôigawa River, and seeks to integrate traditional beauty with all the comforts and freedom of modern life. Guests enjoy the serene views over the river and the mountain beyond, vibrant colours changing with the seasons and views of the serene river and mountains beyond. Take an early morning stroll through the Interior Garden, enjoy a cup of tea on the terrace in the Library Lounge overlooking the Water Garden or savour the creative five-course Japanese kaiseki dinner with an international twist.

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