Koomal Dreaming

The Wadandi and Bibbulmun people of the Busselton, Dunsborough and Margaret River areas of Australia’s south-west have walked this ancient land for over 50,000 years and you can experience this country through the eyes of these traditional owners with Koomal Dreaming tours.

‘Koomal’ is the traditional name of Wadandi man Josh Whiteland, who offers a range of tours to introduce you to this ancient culture, including the 90-minute ‘Ngilgi Cave Cultural Tour’.

Guests will go for a bushwalk to learn how to identify traditional plants, foods and medicines and discover the art of creating a fire by rubbing sticks together.

The highlight is the visit to the Ngilgi Cave, where Josh gives a spine-tingling didgeridoo performance deep inside the cave; the magical sounds amplified by the cave’s acoustics.

There is also a full-day cultural tour which visits the cave.


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