Finger-licking good KFC themed hotel opens with FREE chicken delivered to your room

Die-hard KFC fans are lining up to “chick-in” to a London pop-up hotel dedicated to the famous fried chicken stores.

The House of Harland KFC hotel room will open in August for 11 nights. It will have chick-flicks in the cinema room, a KFC Hot Winger Arcade Machine, and wall-to-wall chicken memorabilia.

Expect to see drumsticks everywhere.

The hotel will pick guests up King’s Cross train station in a slick Black Cadillac dubbed the Colonelmobile.

But the best part is surely the ‘Press For Chicken’ button. Hit it, and room service will deliver free chicken to your room.

Inside the KFC hotel. Credit:

One night at The House of Harland costs $208. But 100 per cent go to The KFC Foundation, which supports grassroots youth organisations in the UK.

The House of Harland is close to Shoreditch tube station and Spitalfields markets, one of the best areas for nightlife in London.

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