EXCUSE ME? Karen’s Diner, a pop-up with deliberately rude staff, is opening in Sydney

Karen’s Diner, an absurdly fun burger pop-up with rude staff is opening in Sydney on 21 October.

The tongue-in-cheek dining experience is inspired by the viral slang term ‘Karen’, used to describe an annoying and demanding customer (usually a woman with a terribly outdated haircut).

At Karen’s, expect rude waiters to greet and serve you, who in return expect the full ‘Karen’ treatment from you.

The diner warns customers: “You can complain until the cows come home because we literally don’t care.”

Karen's Diner Sydney
You’ll be welcomed by retro diner vibes © @karensdinerau

The pop-up will only be around for six months – six months of total madness. For the sake of a hilariously good time the diner is encouraging guests to live out their wildest Karen fantasies.

Don’t be shy, the staff will be able to handle it.

“Our manners are non existent and we’re the perfect place for Karen’s everywhere to vent their anger and dismay at the world.  Come on, ask for the manager…WE DARE YOU,” taunts the Karen’s Diner website.

Just because the service is terrible it doesn’t mean that the food is.

Karen’s Diner Sydney offers an American comfort food menu. We’re talking hand-crafted burgers, fries, sticky wings – basically anything cholesterol-heavy. They do offer vegetarian-friendly options.

Karen's Diner Sydney
Find comfort in a moorish burger and classic shake © Canva

To ease the tension, sip on a milkshake, some good-quality beer or any of Karen’s cocktails.

If you feel personally attacked by the not-so-subtle Karen smear, never fear the diner is providing compensation.

They promise free drinks to anyone whose name is actually Karen. You just have to bring some identification.


Karen’s Diner plans to open on Thursday 21 October at World Square, Level 1/644 George St, Sydney NSW 2000.

Opening hours: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday from 12pm to 10pm; and Fridays and Saturdays from 12pm to 11pm.

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