Juliet’s House in Verona is now available to book for Valentine’s Day

For the first time ever, a modern-day Romeo and Juliet will have the chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day with an exclusive stay at Juliet’s House in Verona, Italy.

Casa di Giulietta and its iconic balcony resembling the ‘wherefore art thou Romeo’ scene in Shakespeares Romeo & Juliet, has just been announced as Airbnb’s most romantic stay yet.

Airbnb Juliet's House, Verona Italy. Juliet's balcony. Image: Airbnb.
Juliet’s iconic balcony. Image: Airbnb

Couples wanting to take their Valentine’s Day plans to a whole new level can now apply to stay at the landmark property by writing their own love letter to Juliet explaining why they and their partner would be perfect guests. 

Along with the exclusive stay, the lucky winners will also be treated to candlelit dinner cooked by two Michelin star chef Giancarlo Perbellini and served in a beautifully decorated dining room.

They will then get to retire for the night in Juliet’s medieval-themed bedroom which even features the original bed used in Zeffirelli’s classic 1960s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ movie.

Other highlights of the stay include a tour of Verona, Italy’s city of love, and the chance to read and reply to lovers from around the world – a privilege usually reserved for Juliet’s Club

In order to prepare the landmark building to host a sumptuous stay in time for Valentine’s Day, Airbnb teamed up with an Italian architect to transform the 13th-century townhouse into a home for the first time since the 1930s.

“This Stay will give one couple the unique chance to celebrate their love in what is possibly the most romantic home in the history of literature,” said Giacomo Trovato, Airbnb’s general manager for Italy.

Entries can be submitted at airbnb.com/juliet until 3:59 pm AEDT on 3rd February 2020 – Rules apply.

Find out more: airbnb.com/juliet

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