Jennifer Hawkins launches Bon Voyage

Miss Universe 2004, model, media personality and now luxury travel expert Jennifer Hawkins has embarked on her latest venture, Bon Voyage.

Launched today by the Catch Group, Bon Voyage is an all-new online travel platform offering expertly curated holiday packages to some of the world’s most incredible and sought-after destinations, making luxury travel more accessible to everyday Aussies dreaming of that next big trip or holiday.

Here, Jennifer tells us all about her latest venture and shares some of her favourite travel tips and inspirations.

From being named Miss Universe in 2004 to becoming one of Australia’s most popular media personalities, you’ve led a lucrative career thus far – how has it led you into the travel industry?
My first overseas travel experience was to Ecuador for Miss Universe. From there I got a travel bug that has never left me, ultimately leading me to partner up with Bon Voyage Travel.

What do you love most about travelling?
I love the freedom, spontaneity and excitement that comes with experiencing a new culture. That, along with new food experiences and exploring a new country is always thrilling.

Tell us about your latest venture – what is it, how did it come about and why did you decide to get involved?
I got involved because I’m passionate about travel and Bon Voyage are experts in this field. The partnership was a natural one due to perfect synergies between myself and Bon Voyage. It was an easy decision – I am excited to share my experiences and allow other people to experience it themselves!

We often hear the words “luxury travel” get thrown about – what does luxury travel mean to you?
When it comes to travel, luxury to me is when everything is organised and you don’t need to stress!

How accessible is luxury travel to the everyday Australian?
With Bon Voyage it’s very accessible to everyone – you sign up and become a member with exclusive deals and offers that allow members to experience once in a lifetime travel opportunities – essentially travelling the world for affordable prices.

So how can Bon Voyage help us tick off our bucket list?
Bon Voyage have a list of amazing destinations that I’m sure are on everyone’s bucket list.

What sort of destinations and experiences will be on offer?
There are some incredible destinations like Fiji, Bali and Dubai. These exclusive offers for members only though.

What do you find is the biggest challenge when it comes to planning a great overseas trip or holiday, and how do you overcome it?
Biggest challenge is locking in a destination. There are so many counties and amazing places to choose, so I hand the decision to Jake!

What is your all-time favourite holiday destination?
My all-time favourite destination is Positano, Italy for the culture/food/energy and buzz. They have the best food in the world, particularly the pasta!

What are your must-pack essentials?
For the plane, it’s essential to have moisturiser, pawpaw ointment and definitely a scarf or pashmina that can double as a pillow. For the holiday it depends on the destination, but I like to keep my packing casual and easy. A good book is the most important thing!

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