Jean-Michel Cousteau joins Crystal Cruises

Jean Michel Cousteau. Photo Credit: Carrie Vonderhaar.

Renowned oceanographer and environmentalist Jean-Michel Cousteau – son of ocean pioneer Jacques-Yves Cousteau – will join two luxury voyages aboard Crystal Serenity, as well as an expedition sailing on the boutique yacht, Crystal Spirit.

With his expertise and knowledge gained from decades working as a leading explorer and conservationist, Cousteau will share tales from his lifetime of underwater exploration and work in defense of the planet’s oceans.

“As a company, we call the waterways of this planet our home, and as such, are honoured to welcome Mr. Cousteau for the first time aboard our ships to offer a glimpse into his fascinating work,” Crystal chairman, chief executive officer and president Edie Rodriguez says.

“The sea is truly his heritage and he has dedicated his life to protecting it. It is an extraordinary opportunity for our inquisitive guests to learn from Mr. Cousteau as they travel the seas together.”

The voyages will feature Cousteau’s presentations and will be tailored to the specific region of each sailing. Guests will get an insight into ocean life, and learn about the delicate balance of the roles of orcas and sharks, the connection between oceans and everything else on the planet, and get a glimpse of his newest film, which features images he captured in his 60-plus years of diving.

Crystal Serenity’s “Hawaiian Havens”, will set sail across the warmer regions of the Pacific Ocean on 24 May, and “Amazon Escape” will explore the Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, and Old Bahama Channel, commencing 27 October.

On 19 November, luxury yacht Crystal Spirit will embark on her “West Indies” round-trip voyage from Marigot Bay through the deep Caribbean.

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