Our guide to Jamala Wildlife Lodge

Imagine this, you’re sipping on a glass of shiraz while feeding a giraffe from the balcony. Or soaking in an egg-shaped, deep tub while bears roam just metres away. Jamala Wildlife Lodge is a luxury safari experience just 10 minutes’ drive from the centre of Australia’s capital, Canberra. A stay here will have you about as close as you can get – and would want to be – to some of the world’s most dangerous and endangered wildlife.

Jamala Wildlife Lodge
Jamala Wildlife Lodge

Sleep with the wild at Jamala Wildlife Lodge

There are 18 African-lodge-inspired rooms across three themed accommodation ‘precincts’: uShaka Lodge, Giraffe Treehouses and Jungle Bungalows.

The concept of the family-owned and operated lodge is all about conservation. Funds from Jamala are funnelled directly into protecting endangered animals in the wild. Think national and international breeding and education programs. Set inside the National Zoo and Aquarium, your day starts with a morning safari and ends with an indulgent African-inspired dinner.

The ‘Precincts’

uShaka Lodge

uShaka Lodge has seven rooms and suites that can accommodate up to 4 adults and 2 children, or 2 adults and 4 children. Book an individual room, multiple, or you can book the entire Lodge. The lodge has its own pool, spa and tropical gardens.

Enjoy the company of Jamala’s curious Colobus Monkeys and the graceful inhabitants of the 200,000-litre shark tank at the Lodge. The entire lodge is decorated in fine carvings, artworks and artefacts from throughout Africa with fantastic indoor and outdoor entertaining areas.

uShaka Lodge, Jamala Wildlife Lodge

Shark Grand Suite

You’ll have your own private floor in uShaka lodge, where an adjoining terrace will lead you to a private meet and feed with one of Jamala’s majestic sharks. An additional feature to staying in this suite is the opportunity to feed the hyenas. The suite is ideal for large families or two couples, as the suite has two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Shark Grand Suite, uShaka Lodge

Capuchin Room

From the comfort of your own room, watch as the Capuchin Monkeys play. The two Capuchin Rooms have a large viewing window where you can view one of the world’s most intelligent species. Witness stunning view of the Molongo River, Black Mountain and Jamala’s lion enclosure from these rooms.

Capuchin Room, uShaka Lodge

Meerkat Suite & Room

Watch as Jamala’s four Meerkat brothers Saku, Sudi, Surabi and Semush play from the Meerkat Suite and Room. Born and raised at the National Zoo and Aquarium, these brothers are playful and popular.

2 people looking at a couple of Meerkats from the Meerkat Room, uShaka Lodge at Jamala Wildlife Lodge
Meerkat Enclosure, uShaka Lodge

Wild Encounter Room

An added bonus to staying in the Wild Encounter Room, you get the opportunity to ‘Meet-a-Cheetah! If aged over 15, guests can enter the enclosure or choose an alternative at Jamala Wildlife Lodge’s Reception. The room itself is spacious and best suits up to four guests.

Wild Encounter Room, uShaka Lodge

Reef Room

If marine life is more your thing, opt for the Reef Room. You’ll have a window that looks into a five-metre-deep ocean aquarium. Through the other, the view looks down to the hyena enclosure. This room can fit up to three guests.

A lady on a bed reading a brochure in the Reef Room at Jamala Wildlife Lodge with a large window looking into an Aquarium beside
Reef Room, Jamala Wildlife Lodge

Giraffe Treehouses at Jamala Wildlife Lodge

The Giraffe Treehouses consist of six suites overlooking the Molonglo River. Here you can curl up in a four-poster bed with a book. Although, the lanky giraffes outside may make it hard to focus. Guests of the Giraffe Treehouses can hand-feed carrots to Jamala’s resident giraffes from the verandah. All under the watchful eye of a guide.

Guests can also mingle with the friendly deer and alpaca, which reside in a private garden. Immerse yourself in one of the most unique experiences in the world.

A lady hand-feeding a giraffe on the balcony of the Giraffe Treehouse at Jamala Wildlife Lodge
Giraffe Treehouse, Jamala Wildlife Lodge

Jamala’s Jungle Bungalows

Jungle Bungalows are for those who don’t mind a little close contact. Expect a pride of lions, a cheetah, tiger and Malayan sun bears to roam, or lean on the glass panes as you soak in the tub or sleep. Here you can have tea with a tiger, like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

Guests looking at Sun bears in the Jungle Bungalow, Jamala Wildlife Lodge
Jungle Bungalow, Jamala Wildlife Lodge

High Tea, fine wine & dining with a lion

Upon arrival, a delicious High Tea is served in uShaka Lodge. After a zoo tour, you will experience sunset canapés and drinks. Join other guests to talk about your encounters over an African-themed four-course gourmet dinner party. You’ll be served fine wines, with hyenas and lions as background guests. Then enjoy an al a carte breakfast the following morning.

A long dining table with food, surrounded by people drinking wine and two lions in the background in the Rainforest Cave at Jamala Wildlife Lodge
Dine with lions in the Rainforest Cave, Jamala Lodge Wildlife

Jamala Wildlife Lodge is an all-inclusive experience where guests are treated to exclusive behind-the-scenes zoo tours. Encountering rhinos, lions, tigers, giraffes, monkeys and meerkats. It’s an unprecedented opportunity to connect with and learn about these incredible animals.

All tours, dining and drinks are included in your experience with rates starting from approximately $1,400 per night.

For more information and to book head to jamalawildlifelodge.com.au

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