Introducing the new look Vacations & Travel magazine

Introducing the new Vacations & Travel magazine

Vacations & Travel magazine, Australia’s longest-running travel publication established 36 years ago, has officially re-launched with the release of our new autumn 2019 issue – on sale Thursday 28 March.

The new-look magazine features a brand new logo and a cleaner, more contemporary design throughout its pages. While we’ve retained the parts of the magazine our readers know and love, we’ve also introduced new sections to further inspire experience-rich and diverse travels.

The autumn issue kicks off with an Adventure theme, featuring first-person stories written about such destinations as Colorado, Cambodia, Vietnam, New Zealand, South Georgia Island, Cook Islands and Turkey to name a few. Some of the new sections include Vacation Essentials, V&T Creatives, Trending, V&T Family, sustainability features, more food-related travel stories and a new design section.

Q&A with Katrina Holden, Vacations & Travel editor 

Why has the magazine been redesigned at this time?

Vacations & Travel is Australia’s longest-running travel magazine, established in 1983. While the magazine has been well-loved for its stunning photography and informed first-person travel stories, the publication has not had a face-lift for more than a decade. Like all successful brands, it’s key to continue to innovate and stay abreast of current trends. For a magazine, design is so incredibly important, particularly in this age of increased noise and competition from digital distractions. A title can have the most interesting and beautifully-crafted stories possible but if the design is not appealing to the reader, then the reader won’t engage and articles will be overlooked. Our goal has been to present a clean and sophisticated magazine layout in the Australian travel magazine space.

What are your key strengths in your role as an editor?

I’m an observer and I like to listen, which is an asset for any writer to produce detailed and inspirational work. I try and stay on top of trends not only in travel but in media and the broader lifestyle space. Editing a magazine is like working on a giant jigsaw piece – there is a lot of juggling to ensure all the moving parts, from numerous individuals, come together to form a seamless, flowing and appealing magazine. It helps to be highly organised with strong attention to detail. I like to operate with empathy and I try and always put myself in the shoes of our reader, imagining what it is they would wish to read, and what details we need to provide them in order to inform their own travel choices.  

Introducing the new look Vacations & Travel magazine
V&T Publisher Adam Davy and Editor Katrina Holden

What does a typical day look like for you?

They can vary depending on what point I’m at in the quarterly magazine cycle. If I’m right on deadline, you’ll find me at my desk eating way too much chocolate and drinking far too little water! But during other weeks of the cycle, a typical day might involve team meetings with other V&T staff; off-site meetings with PR professionals and our advertising partners; attending a promotional lunch or dinner with a tourism board, hotel brand, cruise operator etc.; receiving several emails and news alerts, and then determining what’s relevant and a good fit for our magazine/website or social channels; commissioning stories to freelancers and editing incoming copy; writing my own copy that appears in the magazine; and researching and following up on ideas that I think would be suitable for inclusion in the title. At least once a quarter, I will also be away from the office attending a media famil for a magazine feature article.  

What is the new message and vision for the magazine? 

The magazine is still dedicated to appealing to our typical reader – 81 per cent are aged between 30 and 65; 86 per cent are female; 48 per cent have children; and 96 per cent travel internationally (Reader Survey 2018). Building upon that, our vision for the magazine is to appeal to the “thinking traveller” – people who seek out premium travel experiences that connect them to a destination, its culture and people; travelling mindfully and making conscious choices that support eco-tourism practices and operators.  

Introducing the new look Vacations & Travel magazine

What is next for the magazine? 

The quarterly magazine will continue to feature beautiful, wanderlust images and stories written by journalists writing with authority on a destination or experience. We will be growing our new sections of the magazine that have expanded to now include more culinary stories, features on sustainable travel options; profiles of V&T Creatives; dedicated V&T Family stories, the latest stylish fashion and travel accessories; more design-related travel pieces and expanded Hotels & Resorts pages. Prize-entering junkees need not despair as we continue our incredible giveaways – this issue, you can win a 12-day trip around French Polynesia worth $19,268!

Outside of print, I am equally excited about what we are doing digitally for our readers. Our website has been redesigned to reflect our new design and further website enhancements are still to come. Our weekly e-newsletter has been redesigned with a refreshing new look for digital subscribers. We’ll also be releasing more video travel content in the next six months to offer another medium for our readers and viewers to connect and learn about travel experiences.

Launch party

Our official re-launch celebration took place on Monday 25 March at stylish Sydney cocktail bar Maybe Sammy. Guests included leading representatives from tourism boards, hotel groups, travel companies and tour groups.

The cocktails of the night were the Smoky Casa Margarita – Casamigos mezcal and a fresh mix of lime juice, agave nectar and orange bitters – and the Paloma – Casamigos Reposadotequila, fresh grapefruit juice, fresh lime juice, agave nectar and grapefruit soda. Maybe Sammy’s head bartender, Martin Hudak, put on a show for guests with an impressively skilful cocktail demonstration.

Introducing the new look Vacations & Travel magazine
Introducing the new look Vacations & Travel magazine
Morris Media Network staff

The autumn 2019 issue of Vacations & Travel magazine with the new look is on sale Thursday 28 March in newsagents and airports, or you can subscribe here

Photography by Carmelina Couture and Photography

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