Explore the colours of India with Journeys for Women

There is no place on earth quite like India, and the best way to explore this vibrant and unique country with all its captivating contradictions, curiosity and colour is with Journeys for Women.

India is a land of remarkable diversity. From ancient traditions and artistic heritage to magnificent landscapes and culinary creations – India will ignite your curiosity, shake your senses, and warm your soul. From fortified cities to opulent palaces and humble villages where women adorned in blindingly bright saris go about their day, India pulsates with life – a vibrant, sometimes chaotic tapestry of colours.

Sarah Hoyland, Founder of Journeys for Women, has been operating tours in India for over 25 years, inspiring women to explore this incredible country and delve deep into some of India’s most iconic destinations. All in the company of other women who share her sense of adventure, curiosity, and spirit. Sarah and her team of ‘co-conspirators’ know all the hidden back streets for beautiful jewellery and textiles, the best places to get a local curry and dosa, or where to buy a sumptuous, hand-sewn heirloom sari for those special occasions (or just for the sake of it!).

Explore the ‘Holi’ land

India, especially during the Hindu festival of Holi, is a favourite among Journeys for Women clients. Holi, which marks the arrival of spring, falls in March each year and is by far one of India’s most vibrant celebrations. Revellers throw powdered dye with abandon, spraying water and flooding the streets with dancing, singing and raucous fun. The festival is a real coming together of all nationalities, cultures, and castes, transcending cultural and religious boundaries. Across India, the streets explode in a kaleidoscope of colour in a dazzling celebration of life, unity and love, and you will be swept up in the mesmerising displays of dance and music on this hugely significant, joyous, and unmissable day.

Holi gets its name from ‘Holika’, the mythical demoness central to Hindu mythology, who attempted to use her immunity to fire to show Prahlad, a devout follower of the Hindu god Lord Vishnu, the error of his ways. In a miraculous twist of fate, Holika perishes in a fire while Prahlad emerges unscathed because of his unwavering faith. Holi serves as a reminder of the triumph of good over evil and the Hindu belief that faith and devotion will lead to salvation.

Revellers throw powdered dye

There is no better place to be during Holi than in India

A favourite among their clients, the Journeys for Women’ Holi India’ hosted tour promises colour, laughter and fun. It’s also an opportunity for the women to explore one of India’s most travelled and raved-about tourist routes – the Golden Triangle. From the historic capital of Delhi to Agra and the home of the magnificent Taj Mahal, to captivating Rajasthan with its pink cities, intricate and ornate palaces and imposing forts, the Golden Triangle is a visual feast.

Outside the Golden Triangle, the tour also explores the ancient city of Varanasi, set on the banks of the sacred Ganges River. Travellers can watch devotees gather at the ghats to take part in mesmerising ceremonies of incense burning and rhythmic chanting, get immersed in the chaotic yet harmonious blend of honking rickshaws and bustling markets or discover the local weavers whose exquisite craft makes fine Beranasi textiles.

Stay in opulent accommodation

19-day ‘Holi India’ tour departs Sydney on 19 March 2024

Beginning in Delhi, it winds its way through the staggeringly ancient and sacred city of Varanasi to the gorgeous ‘pink city’ of Jaipur, where you will celebrate the colour festival of Holi, onto Pushkar and its temples, the romantic desert city of Jodhpur, the backcountry town of Narlai hidden in the Aravalli Hills and finally the fairytale city of lakes, palaces and marble of Udaipur.

For more information, head online to www.classicsafaricompany.com.au or contact 02-9327 0666 and ask for Sarah Hoyland or Iman Muldoon.

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