Ice karting is coming to a mystery location in Sydney

Forget Disney on ice we want to go-kart on ice. Lucky for us ice karting (that’s go-karting on ice) is popping up in Sydney.

The ‘Go Karting on Ice’ event will take place between 3 November and 7 November.

It’s a one-time event so grab your tickets fast – the first release have already sold out.

ice karting sydney
Be crowned champion © Canva

Live out your own Red Bull Motorsport dreams and experience the thrill of turning corners at high speed.

Ice karting is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of go-karting on a traditional track you put your purpose-built go kart to the test on ice.

You’ll enter the track with up to eight other drifters. Race to see who can rack up the most laps within the time limit.

Plus compete for the fastest lap time. You could be the one ice track racer that is crowned champion.

Take the corners at super high speeds © Canva

On-track Go-Karting on Ice Sydney will be electrifying. But the off-track activities will be just as riveting.

We’re talking a winter-themed bar that dishes out your favourite ice-cold cocktails. Plus traditional winter games such as curling, hockey puck shooting and ice luges.

Of course, we still don’t know where the exact location is. Will it be a completely new construction or an existing location?

Indoor or outdoor? We’re guessing the former since this event is taking place at the start of summer.

We’ll update this article once Go Karting on Ice Sydney reveal the actual location.

Go Ice Karting details

Price: $75 per ticket.

Dates: Wednesday 3 November to Sunday 7 November.

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