These incredible Arctic voyages will be worth the wait

Reawaken and reignite your hibernating sense of adventure. Hurtigruten Arctic voyages for 2022 and 2023 on sale now.

Following a year of changing travel conditions and border closures, reignite your zeal for adventure with Hurtigruten Arctic Awakening: a collection of expeditions to Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Svalbard.

These 2022/23 voyages highlight the vast beauty and rugged wilderness that our incredible Planet Earth has to offer. And you can experience it all alongside Hurtigruten’s expedition expertise, dating back to 1893.

These arctic voyages are perfect for indulging your inner explorer and getting back to nature without compromising style and comfort. Hurtigruten’s state-of-the-art vessels have an onboard Science Center which serves as the learning and social hub of each expedition. This is where you’ll also find your Expedition Team as they host lectures, lead amazing landings and include you in Science Citizen Projects.

Hurtigruten boasts the world’s first hybrid-powered ships among their fleet. Choose to travel sustainably and explore the world in utmost comfort, with maximum care for the environment.

Bakkager Iceland
Bakkager, Iceland


Iceland is, literally, always transforming. A volcanic laboratory of geysers, mudpots, volcanoes, geothermal lagoons and glaciers, the Land of Fire and Ice is one of those places you can return to again and again and find a place completely changed.

The outdoors beckons and dazzles nature lovers, from spotting puffins on the Westman Islands to circumnavigating the Snæfellsnes Peninsula.

But Iceland’s culture is just as enthralling. Reykjavik, the world’s most northerly capital, is home to locavore cuisine, green thinking, a burgeoning art and music scene, and effortless style. And the people are disarmingly warm. 


  • Unique terrain of volcanic drama, history and rugged scenery
  • Cosmopolitan capital and hidden gems
  • Vikings and wilderness
Visit Bakkager, Iceland with Hurtigruten
Bakkager, Iceland


There’s an old traveller’s saying that goes along the lines of “When you’ve seen the world there’s always Greenland”.

Still largely untouched and unchartered by mainstream tourism, this is the expedition for those who like to make first tracks and are at home in pure isolation. 

Greenland’s dramatic west coast is broken up by photogenic villages full of colourful wooden cottages, charming sheep farms and green meadows. It has a flourishing Inuit culture, the world’s sparsest population and uninterrupted swaths of pretty scenery.

The Land of Ice may just be one of the most underrated travel destinations there is.


  • Splendid isolation
  • Rich wildlife
  • Unique visits with Hurtigruten’s partners in Inuit communities
Hurtigruten Arctic voyages Greenland
Hurtigruten Arctic voyages Greenland © Hurtigruten


The appeal of Norway is simple: it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Its jagged coastline borders on undiscoverable. Undulating mountains meet glorious glaciers, deep fjords and ice fields that rank among Europe’s largest.

While one can attempt to navigate by car or foot, the only way to truly delve into this untamed wilderness is by boat, which can gain access to the many hidden-away nooks and crannies of this final frontier.

Hurtigruten has been sailing these wild waters for almost 130 years, so to call them the experts is somewhat of an understatement. Whether you visit in summer to spot lobtailing whales and chase waterfalls in the perpetual daylight of the Midnight Sun, or opt for the winter’s chilly nights that light up with the kaleidoscopic Northern Lights, you are guaranteed striking landscapes, friendly locals and fantastic optional excursions.  


  • Explore with the experts, pioneering Norwegian waters since 1893
  • The out-of-this-world Norwegian fjords
  • Land of natural phenomena, including Midnight Sun and Northern Lights
Hurtigruten Arctic voyage in Norway.
Hurtigruten Arctic voyage in Norway.


Svalbard is the Arctic North of your icy imagination. Think snowcapped peaks, grand glaciers, bopping icebergs and a spectacular diversity of wildlife.

Few places in the circumpolar region can rival Svalbard’s bio density. Seabirds migrate here by the millions, reindeer roam across the tundra and Arctic foxes sprint across the snow leaving tiny footprints behind. Five species of seal and 12 types of whales feed off the coastal waters, Atlantic walruses laze on clam beds and, most fascinatingly, polar bears thrive in this icy refuge. Almost half the estimated 3,000 polar bears in the Barents Sea population raise their young on the archipelago’s secluded islands.

With Hurtigruten, guests can discover this land of mystery and extremes. Landings get you closer to the ghost towns of early whaling stations, extraordinary fjords and icebergs, and to the “King of the Arctic” – the magnificent polar bear.


  • Discover the natural beauty of the realm of the Polar Bear
  • Explore unforgettable wilderness
  • Expedition cruises in Arctic summer and year-round land-based adventures from Longyearbyen
Hurtigruten Arctic cruise in Svalbard.
Hurtigruten Arctic cruise in Svalbard.

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