You’ve been wearing your travel pillow WRONG the whole time

Think you know how to wear a travel pillow? You might need to double-check. 

Most of us wear our travel pillows with the largest part of the cushion at the back of the neck. But that is completely wrong.

TikTok user @Sidneyraz blew the world’s collective mind this week when he explained how you should actually use a travel pillow.

“Here’s something I wish I knew in my 30s,” he said.

“Travel pillows go in front.”


you can actually sleep on a flight ##traveltipsandtricks ##inmy30s

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It makes sense

When you think about it, it totally makes sense. As you fall asleep upright your head dips and you often jerk yourself awake.

But if the pillow prevents your head from dropping, you will snooze soundly.

If you’re feeling really stupid right now, you’re not alone. The TikTok video has more than 15,000 comments, with most astounded that they have been wearing their travel pillow the wrong way for years.

“This makes so much sense, why am I so shocked,” one user wrote.

Said another: “What? No way! My life has been a lie all along.”

And another: “This is probably why I have always found them to be uncomfortable.”

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