How to enjoy Six Senses’ luxury wellness programs from home

While travel bans are now in place, fitness studios closed and any type of spa-treatments off the table, maintaining our wellbeing isn’t as easy as it once was; especially given the stress that the coronavirus has already caused.

Thankfully, luxury hotel brand Six Senses, who are renowned for delivering some of the best spa and wellness services in the industry, have come to our rescue by bringing the best of their wellness experiences online for people to enjoy at home. 

The new program, ‘At Home With Six Senses,’ will offer a series of videos, tutorials, articles and advice to help maintain our mental and physical well-being during these challenging times.

The content is available to everyone, whether or not they have previously stayed at a Six Senses property, and it is broken down into the brand’s key wellness pillars:

  • Mindfulness: helping people shift energies from worrying about what can’t be controlled to focusing on the present moment, whether that is setting up a home working environment or tips on staying grounded.
  • Eat: recipes, interviews and how-to video tutorials focusing on foods with key nutrients and easy strategies to support the immune system, reduce stress and improve sleep along with the hidden power of certain everyday store-cupboard ingredients.
  • Sleep: the importance of establishing a sleep routine along with how learning about dosha types can impact sleep, bedtime breathing rituals even the meaning behind certain dreams.
  • Move: from at-home workouts to live meditation sessions or yoga poses and tips for boosting energy, or releasing pent-up energy if working or staying at home. 
  • Live Naturally: adapted activities inspired by the brand’s on-site Earth Labs, and life hacks to try at home to live more sustainably and make the most of whatever nature is around or available. 
  • Connect: staying connected to reduce anxiety and loneliness when practicing social distancing and how to check in with others and remain community-focused, especially when it comes to those more vulnerable.

Where to find their resources and live classes

Articles about each pillar can be accessed through the Six Senses online hub. Alternatively this content can be delivered straight to your emails if you subscribe to their monthly  newsletter

However some of their best content and live videos – including a live meditation class this Sunday 4 April at 8:00pm AEST – is available on their social media channels: @SixSensesSpas and @SixSenses

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