China Rediscovered

If you have ever gotten a suit tailor made to fit you, you know that even the most well manufactured piece of clothing is never as perfect as a customized piece.  The same could be said for travel. This is why The China Guide Travel Company (, based in Beijing, strives to create tailored, experience-driven itineraries that will fit each traveler’s personal style.

“We want to create a vibrant and off-beat trip for our guests. By getting to know our clients’ interests and cultural backgrounds, we are able to create a unique experience specially designed for each traveler,” says Michelle Raffanti, Business Development Manager of The China Guide. To truly understand their clients, the company employs native speakers of English, French, Spanish, and German as travel agents who design itineraries and plan logistics.


In The China Guide’s repertoire of offerings are such activities as morning taichi lessons in the Temple of Heaven Park, walking tours of Shanghai’s morning wet markets, overnight stays inside the Shaolin Temple, and traditional toy making workshops during a tour of Beijing’s hutongs. “I was delighted to stop at a local orchard after my visit to the Great Wall,” says former client Erum A., “I mentioned to my agent at The China Guide that I am interested in the farm-to-table trend and she arranged for us to pick peaches, a local specialty!”

Just an email away at, The China Guide’s agents’ quick and friendly responses are a welcome change from the impersonal, standardized forms traditionally used by travel agencies. For both first time visitors and return trips to China, The China Guide’s unique tours are a new and exciting way to explore the Middle Kingdom.