Hong Kong by night 

Once the sun goes down, this remarkable city comes to life everywhere, from the streets to the rooftops and on the water.

Sevva, Hong Kong, Hong Kong nightlife

Market shopping is still as popular as ever and one of the most popular is the Temple Street Night Market. If you aren’t all shopped out with the goodies you have found at the Ladies Market or Stanley Market, Temple Street will deliver everything from antiques to trinkets. Or just sit back and enjoy the opera singers strutting their stuff or maybe see what the future holds by visiting a fortune teller.

Temple Street market, Hong Kong

Another way to explore Temple Street Night Market is on a food tour with Hong Kong Foodie Tours. This is just one of many food tours available with visitors able to savour all kinds of Hong Kong delights. These food tours are a great way to learn something new to wow your partner and family and explore some of the city’s local secrets.

Hong Kong, Symphony of Lights

As the clock ticks towards 8pm, make your way to the harbourfront to enjoy one of the most spectacular light shows in the world – A Symphony of Lights. This multimedia production has been wowing Hong Kong crowds since 2004, and in December 2017, a reenergised edition took to the skies with exciting new elements and a new soundtrack performed by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. Buildings on both sides of the harbour are the canvas for this extravaganza, with searchlights, lasers, LED screens and lighting working in harmony with the music.

Cocktail anyone?
Sevva, Hong Kong, Hong Kong nightlife
Cocktails are almost in a class of their own in Hong Kong, and when the sun goes down, the mixologists ramp up.

Some of the best places to imbibe are rooftop bars, which serve up spectacular views over this incredible place, whether it’s Victoria Harbour with the regular as clockwork Star Ferry chugging hither and yon, or out over the soaring skyscrapers which sometimes seem to reach for the heavens.

Sevva is one of the best. Situated in Central, this place is as cool as the décor and ambience is smoking hot. Enjoy the views over Victoria Harbour with cocktail in hand on the wraparound terrace then head inside for a meal at the restaurant, more drinks at the gorgeous Taste Bar or a sinful dessert at Corner, where the very glam and enormous vintage Venini chandelier shines almost as brightly as the delectable Marie Antoinette’s Crave and Le Louis.

OZONE Terrace Bar, Hong Kong

Ozone is another winner for views, with this rooftop bar situated up in the clouds on the 118th floor of the Ritz-Carlton. The cocktails are as stimulating as the lights spread out below you, and if you need something to eat but don’t want to head downstairs, order a selection of Asian tapas.

Brickhouse, Hong Kong

At Ce La Vi, splash out on creative cocktails on the Sky Deck, towering above Lan Kwai Fong, and if you can be there during the Sunset Sessions, add music to the mix.

Your rooftop bar experience has to include having the signature Suzie Wrong at the uber-trendy Eyebar. This drink is made from exotic fruits and Runik Rum from Spain – exclusive to Eyebar. Drink one or two taking in the eye-popping views and feel like a local. Or at least, you can wish you were local!

Party time!
Mrs Pound Bar, Hong Kong

After cocktail hour, and a great dinner out, somewhere like 22 Ships, Foxglove, Mrs Pound, Ronin, Brickhouse or Stockton, get ready to party. Wan Chai is one of the best nightlife areas in Hong Kong, a far cry from the days when it was a Red Light District. For live music head to The Wanch, where you can hit the dance floor and test out your best moves. Ophelia is the place to see and be seen. It is unlike anywhere else with swings, costumes, interiors that send Instagram into overdrive and all kinds of weird and wonderful drinks.

Foxglove Bar, Hong Kong

For something a little more casual, try Djibouti, perfect for winding down after a big night out. For the 20-somethings, or those who just want to rekindle their youth, head to Billidart. This place is all about those drinking games you might remember doing way back when – including beer pong. It even has electronic darts.



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