How these balloons could score you a FREE gin and tonic on Wednesday

Keep your eyes peeled for Hendrick’s Gin hot air balloons in the sky this week.

Hendrick’s is kicking off a ‘Week of Wonders’ this Wednesday 17 March. To celebrate they’re sending off a fleet of hot air balloons to fly from Parramatta to Sydney.

Sydnersiders should look up to spot the flight during the week and follow a few simple steps to score a free Hendrick’s G&T.

Hendrick's gin hot air balloon

Hendrick’s Gin hot air balloon flight will be an Australian first. It’s been coined the Most Unusual Balloon Flight.

The ambitious flight will start from sunrise in the case of favourable environmental conditions and clear skies.

How do I get a free Hendrick’s Gin and Tonic?

Step one to scoring a free G&T is spotting the Hendrick’s Gin hot air balloon in the sky. Sounds easy enough right?

Once you’ve done that, take a quick snap of the balloon flight.

Take your photograph to any participating venue. These are the Potts Point Hotel, Frisco Hotel, The Tilbury, Hotel Palisade, Glenmore Hotel, Orient Hotel, Nick & Nora’s and Heritage Lounge.

Exchange your photo for a free Hendrick’s Gin and Tonic.

Hendricks gin hot air balloon

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If you miss out on the Most Unusual Balloon Flight there are still plenty of chances to redeem your free Hendrick’s gin.

From Wednesday 17 March to Saturday 20 March you can collect cucumbers from curious Victorian characters frolicking the streets of the Sydney CBD.

Swap the signature Hendrick’s garnish for a complimentary cocktail at participating venues. These include PS40 and The Barbershop.

Hendrick's gin hot air balloon

Hendrick’s Gin will bring whimsy to the streets as well, as penny-farthings will roam around Sydney’s CBD.

To top it all off, Hendrick’s Peculiar Gin Garden will offer free cucumber sandwiches and gin and tonics. Grab yours from 2 pm till 8pm from Thursday 18 March to Saturday 20 March.

Hendrick’s Peculiar Gin Garden is at Campbells Cove, The Rocks.

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