Healing Village Spa at Four Seasons Resort Bali, Jimbaran Bay

You can’t help but feel renewed after a pampering and Balinese blessing spa treatment at the picturesque Four Seasons Bali in Jimbaran Bay. The ‘Blessings of Bali’ two-and-a-half-hour treatment combines ancient therapies and sacred rituals at a cliff pavilion on the Jimbaran Bay foreshore, where afternoon breezes temper the heat.

Yoga poses include stretching and breathing techniques that leave you feeling relaxed and ready for a massage. Before the massage starts, you are treated to a rhythmic ‘sound bath’ created by the masseuse with a gong and singing bowl, known for its aural abilities that help clear the mind, body and spirit. The sound soothes the soul just as the long stroke Balinese massage encourages relaxation. After the massage, you change into a traditional sarong and sit beside the resident priest who sets up offerings to the Gods on the cliff edge with magnificent ocean views.

Chanting and prayers follow for a few minutes followed by a dousing of colourful flowers and water from a china bowl that invokes renewed spirit. The water brings with it a feeling of inner peace. It’s followed by a delicious snack, coconut drink and fruit to be enjoyed as you sit and contemplate life looking out to sea – sheer bliss.


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