The Hay–Adams, Washington D.C., USA

Hay-Adams, Washington DC, luxury hotel, Leading Hotels of the World, LHW

Talk about location, location, location – The Hay-Adams Washington is next to the White House. In fact, because of its proximity, some past presidents have stayed in this historic property for a week or two before moving into the White House. The Obamas stayed here and Barack would be able to walk to work, along with scores of his security detail of course. The church over the road from the hotel, St John’s, is where all presidents go the morning of the day they are sworn in.

The property is swimming in history, named after the two neighbouring houses it replaced – houses belonging to Samuel Adams, one of the signatories on the Declaration of Independence, and his friend, John Hay, who was Abraham Lincoln’s personal secretary. The houses were replaced with the Hay-Adams in 1928 and since then has had a number of renovations – the most major being a $20million dollar renovation in 2002.

Hay-Adams, Washington, White House, Leading Hotels of the World, LHW

The property has 145 guest rooms including 21 suites. We are in a Lafayette Park View room, which is sublime with its furnishings and colours. I look out over the park but I am distracted by a White House made of white chocolate. I eat the roof first. We have a sneak peek at the White House View Rooms on the higher floors and wish we could see the Federal or Presidential Suites as they would be out of this world.

All the rooms are elegance personified, as is the service. The hotel’s Tesla will drive guests where they need to go and the concierge can even get you tickets to the new and in-demand African American Museum.

Hay-Adams, White House, Washington DC, Leading Hotels of the World

The best view from the property is from the Top of the Hay, popular for weddings and for politicians – including our own Julie Bishop – for press conferences, thanks to its exceptional White House views from the terrace. The list of celebrities who have stayed here is long and lustrous … Ethel Barrymore, Amelia Earhart, and Charles Lindbergh.

Many TV shows have shot scenes here including Designated Survivor, West Wing and Homeland as well as movies like White House Down. The best place for people watching is in the trendy Off the Record bar downstairs. If you sit in its plush red seats long enough into the night, chances are you will see a celebrity or two.

Hay-Adams, Washinton, Lafayette, Leading Hotels of the World

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