How to get your half-priced flight and all the discounted routes

Up to 800,000 half-priced flights will go on offer from April 1 in an effort to boost the tourism industry. Here’s how you can get your cheap flight. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced a $1.2 billion rescue package for Australia’s tourism and aviation industries.

As part of the package, 800,000 half price flights to 13 regional destinations will go on sale between April 1 and July 1.

“This is our ticket to recovery – 800,000 half-price airfares to get Australians travelling and supporting tourism operators, businesses, travel agents and airlines who continue to do it tough through COVID-19, while our international borders remain closed,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison told Newsltd.

half priced flights

Morrison is expected to announce more details of the $1.2 billion tourism support package on Thursday.

We do know the flights will be on sale from Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin Australia between April 1 and July 1.

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How to get your half-price flight

To book a half-price flight, you will need to log on to the major airline websites. At this stage, the flights will largely be on Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin Australia

Smaller airlines can opt into the scheme, but they must have been flying the route for at least two years.

half priced flights
Photo by Hendri Lidayani on Unsplash

According to reports, about 46,000 half-price tickets will be made available each week.

The flights must be for inter-state travel. So you can’t score a ticket from the Gold Coast to Cairns. You can only get a half-price flight to another state.

Remember, the half-price flights will go live on April 1.

Half price flight routes

The flight routes currently expect to be on the list for discount flights include: 

  • Adelaide – Gold Coast
  • Melbourne – Gold Coast
  • Sydney – Gold Coast
  • Canberra – Gold Coast
  • Avalon – Gold Coast
  • Melbourne – Cairns
  • Sydney – Cairns
  • Darwin – Cairns
  • Sydney – Proserpine
  • Sydney – Hamilton Island
  • Sunshine Coast (Queensland)
  • Sydney – Maroochydore
  • Melbourne – Maroochydore
  • Adelaide – Maroochydore
  • Adelaide – Alice Springs
  • Sydney – Uluru
  • Brisbane – Alice Springs
  • Melbourne – Alice Springs
  • Perth – Alice Springs
  • Sydney – Alice Springs
  • Brisbane – Uluru
  • Melbourne – Uluru
  • Melbourne – Launceston
  • Sydney – Launceston
  • Brisbane – Launceston
  • Melbourne – Devonport
  • Melbourne – Burnie
  • Darwin – Broome
  • Sydney – Broome
  • Melbourne – Broome
  • Gold Coast – Avalon
  • Sydney – Avalon
  • Melbourne – Merimbula
  • Adelaide – Kingscote

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