GuruWalk, the new Airbnb of walking tours

Travelling like a local has never been so easy. Spanish startup GuruWalk, has launched the first global platform for exciting local-tips-based walking tours. 

The platform is disrupting the tourism sector by providing value to both sides of the market, with locals offering travellers their knowledge of history, culture and hidden gems typical of their city.

At no cost, anyone can become a Guruwalk guide by advertising their tour on the Guruwalk website.

“We did some free walking tours around Europe and they seemed like a fun and affordable way to visit a city,” GuruWalk founder Juan Castillo says.

“When studying this growing sector, we realised that all companies needed to create a website and position it in Google for a city, which is very difficult and expensive for some people.”

These tours don’t have a fixed price and travellers are invited to donate their walking guru according to their budget and experience.

“We thought it would be great to have an international platform with these tips-based tours, where you could see the ratings of each guide, and also allow more people to offer a free walking tour without having to invest time and money into it.”

GuruWalk is currently available in more than 150 cities with more than 700 unique tours called ‘guruwalks’.

Here is a roundup of some fun guruwalks available this summer in Europe:


The subway of Saint-Petersburg

The subway of Saint-Petersburg has the reputation of being the most attractive and elegant metro in the world. It is the city’s underground gem. During the one-and-half-hour tour, travellers will admire the artwork in the modern part of the subway, have a stop at the world’s deepest station at Admiralteyskaya, and visit Soviet past through designs and exquisite decoration in the oldest part of the metro.


Macabre Krakow, Poland

Krakow, known as the spookiest place in Poland, is famous for its medieval stories of witches, ghosts and dragons. This one-and-half-hour-tour takes visitors through the narrow streets of the old city where they will learn about torture instruments, hidden places and legends that have been haunting the city for centuries. The tour that exposes the darkest side of Krakow is only allowed for people over 18 years old. You have been warned!


Volcano’s tubes, Spain

La Cueva del Viento, the longest volcanic cave in Europe, was formed 27,000 years ago by the Pico Viejo volcano. During the one hour tour inside the volcano’s lava tubes, guests can learn the secrets of the underground world of the largest Spain’s Canary Island, Tenerife.


Stanley’s Park by bike, Vancouver

Voted as the most beautiful park in the world by TripAdvisor, Stanley’s Park is larger than New York’s Central Park with its 400 hectares of bucolic beauty. It is the ideal place to get lost in the middle of the rainforest and learn about the biodiversity. Part of the adventure is visiting the totem poles, lost lagoon and much more.


Jack the Ripper, London

Goosebumps guaranteed for visitors who decide to travel back in time during the 19th century when the police were actively looking for the notorious murderer of at least five women. One of the most famous and mysterious murderers of all time, Jack the Ripper shocked all of London, and the creepiest details of his unsolved crimes are available for discovery by day, and for the more brave ones, by night.


Athens through mythology

The walking tour of Athens covers the most glorious battles, weird love affairs and curious transformations of Ancient Greek Gods. Whilst visiting the Zeus altar, ancient Hefestus temple and climbing Filopappos Hills, travellers will go back thousands of years to meet the heroes of that time before enjoying the mesmerising sunset at the end of the tour.


Food Tour in Sofia, Bulgaria

This tour offers travellers the opportunity to try local and typical Bulgarian food every day of the year. During their visit, guests will discover some of the trendiest restaurants, as well as some of the oldest family-owned restaurants in Bulgaria. More than just trying food samples, travellers will understand the story behind traditional dishes and local cuisine whilst learning about Bulgarian history and culture.


Hipster Kick Bikes tour, Vienna

A kick bike is a hybrid means of transport, somewhere between a bike and a kickboard. Is there anything more hipster than that? During this unconventional tour, where nothing is planned in advance, guests will not learn about history and significant buildings, but instead about modern-day Vienna, its lifestyle and society, through the eyes of their hipster local guide.


Harry Potter tour, London

The ultimate Harry Potter fans can visit the places that inspired J.K. Rowling and the movie producers for the famous literary and movie series. As they walk, fans will be asked to recognise the famous Leaky Cauldron, the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix and the Ministry of Magic. At the end of the tour, you can check out the shops selling unique Potter-related products.

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