Google Earth users spot a crashed UFO on an uninhabited island

Reddit user, dansterdj has spotted a UFO followed by a suspicious sand trail on Google Earth.

The mysterious object is on Starbuck Island, Kiribati, a Pacific island nation northeast of Australia.

“Visible on Google Earth showing a massive trail behind the object indicating high velocity and great amount of energy to go that far,” dansterdj wrote to 1.6 million members of the popular Reddit forum “conspiracy”.

The post sparked a stream of comments from fellow Reddit users who speculated how the ‘crashed UFO’ ended up on Starbuck Island.

“Doesn’t look as much like an impact as it does like it was rolled or fragged there,” commented one user.

Another said: “Idk [I don’t know] what this is or if it’s a UFO. But it’s cool.”

The online debate continued after dansterdj posted the coordinates of Starbuck Island, Kiribati.

Isolated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Starbuck Island is an uninhabited coral island.

Because the island is free from human life many Reddit users believe that the Google Earth UFO is in fact a shipwreck.

google earth ufo found on the isolated starbuck island kiribati
Starbuck Island, Kiribati is free of human life © Canva

“It’s suspiciously boat shaped,” remarked one user.

“Looks like a grounded boat that’s been dragged by the tide…” says another.

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