The Getting Lost Game will change your next road trip

Travel should be unpredictable and always memorable. The Getting Lost Game guarantees exactly that.

Kiwi couple Kat and James made The Getting Lost Game to encourage travellers to explore the less beaten track.

Each pack contains 26 misdirection cards that say things like turn left or follow the blue car, so a different game will play out even if you start from the same spot.

An epic adventure awaits © Canva

Playing is easy. Simply shuffle the cards and start drawing them. Follow the misdirection on the card to decide the next step in your road trip.

The directions are generic so they can be played wherever you are around the world.

Kat and James sell 13 different editions of ‘The Getting Lost Game’ to suit any kind of traveller.

In the Girl’s Night Game, the direction of your road trip may be determined by how many exes you have.

The getting lost game
A random selection of directions will determine your trip

The Date Night pack will help you get out of a rut. The cards will even decide who pays.

Play the Summer Edition to supercharge your summertime adventures. Or if you’re not sure where to start shuffle a deck of the Standard Edition cards.

Even those stuck in lockdown can still have an adventure with the At Home Edition.

the getting lost game
There’s a game for every kind of traveller.

The best thing about The Getting Lost Game is that there are no rules. You can play it in endless ways and adapt it to your trip.

Tips for playing

Game creator Cat has a few tips for playing:

  • For a quick game pick a new misdirection card at every intersection
  • For a game that lasts hours pick a new card every five minutes
  • Keep it simple by just playing with the direction cards (left, right, north, south)
  • Arrive in a new city and explore by walking with the cards
  • Surprise someone by adding in your own card in the middle

The game is available online and ships to Australia, NZ, USA, UK and Canada.

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