Get to The Point

I’m a Brisbane girl. Born in the city that once was tagged the ‘big country town’ – things have certainly changed.

Back in those days trams still shuffled patrons up and down the city streets, the New York Hotel in Queen Street (where the Myer Centre now is) was still operating and Queen Street was open to two-way traffic.

Due to work and business I get to travel back to my birth place every so often. That’s how I discovered The Point. Situated at Kangaroo Point, it’s a hotel leading the way.

I have free WiFi, chocolates on my pillow each night and nothing seems to be a problem – even after seeing my truckloads of photography gear for a mere two-night stay.

The ease of access to the city was a definite advantage. For a 7am meeting in George Street the cab cost me $10.00. For other activities I took the short walk to the ferry and easy access to any city venue I wanted to visit.

However, the biggest delight for me was the view from the balcony. I do love a balcony – it rates top on my list for accommodation requirements as it allows me to sit, relax and take in the night views of any city. I love listening to the sounds, seeing the sights and the changing smells of a city as it turns from day to night – each is so different.

My balcony had plenty of room for seating and for my tripod – a must in a photographer’s world. I had a wide view of the Story Bridge, the city and the continuing parade of cars exiting and entering the modern metropolis of Brisbane.

The other big advantage I found with The Point while working in Brisbane was the dining options. Lambert’s Restaurant is already gaining a reputation with locals and visitors alike thanks to being open to the public and not just those of us staying at The Point. If you get carried away like I did with photographing the changing landscape from the balcony, they provide efficient room service, the same top cuisine prepared by the same top chef. Close by, and less than a five minute walk, is the Story Bridge Hotel and other smaller restaurants offering a selection of varied cuisines.

So why would I stay here again?

My top five reasons are:
1. Free Wi-Fi. When I travel it’s usually for business and I need to keep in touch
2. Accessibility to the city
3. Dining options
4. Balcony – don’t think I need to reiterate how awesome this was
5. Service – nothing was ever too much. Polite, courteous and respectful

I give it a 10 out of 10.

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