The world-travelling Gelato Festival to kick off this month

The world-travelling Gelato Festival begins

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas, but for some it’s even better. The “most authoritative event in the world dedicated to Italian artisanal gelato” – the Gelato Festival – is back. The travelling festival will kick off in Miami this March before heading over to Europe, Japan and back to North America over the course of 6 months.

Designed to do more than just simply spread joy throughout the world via gelato, the food festival aims to celebrate the art of making a high quality product. Guests at each of the festivals will get to try a huge array of flavours crafted by true artisans, take part in gelato-related races and activities, or they can even try their hand at a gelato eating contest!

This year’s festival is all leading up to the Gelato Festival World Masters 2021 – a competition spanning multiple years and multiple continents to determine where in the world the best gelato is.

Unfortunately the Gelato Festival won’t be heading to our shores in Australia this year. But if you’re travelling to the Northern Hemisphere over the next 6 months, here’s hoping you can catch at least one of the festivals.

Check out for the full list of cities and dates.

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